call me inspired

remember that craft show i went to last week?  oh, did i forget to mention that i picked up an old barn window?  yah, i'm kind of obsessed.  check it out:

hellooooo rustic lodge feel.  i happen to really like you. 
at the craft show the week prior, i had seen something very similar; there was a guy with a booth that did custom framing with old barn windows and i loved the idea.  when i saw this for under $30, i had to have it.  and thus, my inspiration was born for a whole new bedroom.  the walls in our bedroom are the only ones in the house that are white.  i actually painted them that way, which seems silly now.  i had this grand plan to do some dramatic curtains and felt the walls having color would be too much.  well, here we are, still with no window coverings and a bland looking room.  the reason?  one entire wall is a sliding glass door.  i didn't realize it at the time, but that's 'spensive.  well, now it's worked out in our favor, because those stinky curtains wouldn't have worked out with this better idea.

i would like to take some pictures over thanksgiving up at eric's family's house on neebish island and use the window as a frame of sorts.  i am also looking to add one more barn window to the collection to hang over our bed.  i would love to get a picture of us with the dogs outdoors to put in it.

and this bedding?  looooooove.

now this whole set is about $800, so that's a no go, but i'm hoping i can call on grandma to help me make a quilt and shams very similar to this.  i'm positive i can make my own bird pillow, and how hard can it be to find a waffle-textured white duvet?

for lighting:

i'm picturing these on either side of the bed.

birch candles?  yes, please.
 and my favorite idea?  i found this on apartment therapy and have been itching to try it out:

no, not the flies.  the branch.  how did someone think these go together??
i'm on the lookout for a big branch that i can preserve to hang across a large empty wall.  rather than using it as a coat hook, i am hoping to find a collection of frames that i can hang from it with twine.  the pictures would be a mixture of family and scenic photos.

i don't think it's possible for me to be more excited about this.  stay tuned to see how it plays out.  who knows, really.  i have a tendency to start a lot of projects and never finish them.  wish me luck.

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3 Responses to “call me inspired”

  1. I can totally picture all of this going together! I think it's going to be amazing!!! I can't wait to see the final pictures!

  2. OOO I love the inspiration! That rustic cabin look seems so cozy and comforting.