frugal friday

as a crafter, more often than not, i find myself wanting to keep the things i make.  it's a problem, really.  especially when i'm trying to prepare for a craft show.

this one, however, i had no problem keeping.  i made some rosettes and was going to make them into pins, but then decided that it would look really cute to wear more than one at a time and wasn't crazy about putting multiple holes in my shirt.  so instead, i backed them with clip-on earrings.  now they can be attached to the top of any shirt and can be arranged on any type of neckline.  i'm officially a fan and plan on making many more.  i was able to dress up a simple tee very easily and for next to nothing.  i'm thinking i could also clip one or more of these bad boys to a plain headband for another look. weeeee!  

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2 Responses to “frugal friday”

  1. So cute Lauren!! I had no idea you were so crafty! :)

  2. Those are adorable! great job =)