omgosh it's here!

so i had this whole post planned out for the inspiration i've recently had for our master bedroom.  that will now have to wait for obvious reasons.  if the reason isn't obvious to you yet, you should probably stick around and get sucked into the nerd-dom that is harry potter.

hello friends.  it's been a while, and i've missed you.  ron, i've especially missed you.  will you promise to be extra aloof tonight and provide some much-needed comic relief from the insanity that is about to happen? 

has snape really betrayed the order of the phoenix?  will harry find all of the horcruxes and defeat lord voldemort?  will he and jenny end up together?  what about ron and hermione?  of course, i already know all of the answers, but i'm uber geeked to see them played out on the big screen.  i'm also really interested to see where they cut the story off in the first installment.  i've been struggling with the fact that there is just no possible way that they will be able to fit all of the necessary details into a movie.  regardless, this is going to be an epic throwdown. 

this muggle will be arriving at the theater early to get a good seat.  as far as i'm concerned, there is no other way to see this movie than at midnight.  i love being around a bunch of other people that are as excited as i am.  i love seeing people dressed up and dueling.  more than anything, i love the extent to which fans laugh at funny parts and applaud when good triumphs over evil.

seriously...accio midnight (look it up).

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3 Responses to “omgosh it's here!”

  1. The midnight showing was everything I imagined! I saw a duel and a dobby and a hagrid. And Ron was dreamy (atleast I thought so)

  2. SOO jealous you got to see it already, I have been working everyday BUT I have my Hufflepuff shirt ready for Sunday night :)

    ps- Have you ventured out to Harry Potter World yet? It's more than amazing!

  3. oh, jen...ron was dreamy. he most certainly was. it's obvious he's been working out. i have to say that i'm a bigger fan of fred and george, though. basically, i just want to find any way into the weasley family that i can.

    and so sadly, i have not been to harry potter world yet. i am so jealous you live so close. i'm trying to figure out when i will be able to make it down there.