why budgets stink

in a budget situation, sometimes one is forced to get creative when it comes to gift-giving.  and when one can't think of much else, one may make a goofy decision to promise her husband two years of hair-growth.  that's right...two years without more than a trim.  one is an idiot.

this is the longest my hair has ever been:

this was about 2 1/2 months after our wedding and i had been growing my hair out for just over a year.  this time, i'm starting off longer and growing almost twice as long.  this is going to get out of control.  especially when every time i get on forever21's website, i drool over this girl's hair:

me likey lovey
seriously, platinum pixie with red lips?  how much cuter could she be?  so i'm officially starting my countdown:  1 year, 8 months, 4 weeks until i can chop it all off.

but you know what?  it's totally worth it for the joy it brings my husband.  he is 100% a fan of all things feminine and i am 100% a fan of all things him.

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One Response to “why budgets stink”

  1. I sported a pixie in highschool and it was super cute and easy...but growing it out was awful. I looked like a 'don't' for about a year hahah.