you say it's november?!?!

my favorite month of the year?  it's october, and yeah, it's gone (insert mopey face here).  and by the way, i'm pretty sure i missed it.

every year i look forward to the changing leaves, the apple cider...well, more like the apple everything, and pumpkins.  and i long for the weather to be just cool enough to make the air smell crisp and make lounging outside in a sweater comfortable.

ooey, gooey, delicious goodness...get in my belly! (source)

our october was spent in physical therapy (insert gagging noise here).  somewhere between the strained-butt cortisone treatments and stressing about a marathon (me) and the ACL reconstruction surgery and resulting immobility (eric), we lost the best part of the year.  i haven't had a single pumpkin spice latte (tragic, i know), holy cow, the trees are bare, i didn't even begin to think about a halloween costume, we didn't carve pumpkins.  and now, i find myself having to wear a winter coat in the morning to go to work.

if you'll excuse me now, i'm off to paint the leaves in our backyard and glue them back on the trees.

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