(almost) wordless wednesday

i was all set to just post this picture of titan with snow on his nose from last night to shamelessly brag about how cute and sweet our pup is:

but then i came home to find this today:

i managed to slip his head out of there just as we were about to cut the thing open.  please notice the stuffing everywhere from lily's dog bed.  please ignore the male bits.

i stopped coming home every day for lunch late last week.  titan gets so anxious about us leaving him.  he also managed to break off two of his teeth on the bars of his crate.  i thought crates were supposed to keep dogs out of trouble.  i don't know what to do short of coming home again every day.  please help...

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3 Responses to “(almost) wordless wednesday”

  1. Talk to your vet about anti anxiety meds, and make sure you take his collar off in the cage so he doesn't strangle himself in the cage and it get caught, that happened to a friend of ours.

  2. possibly get a hard plastic crate too, we had to do that with a dog because he was a magician too and the vet recommended it so that they couldn't get caught..hope it helps!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! When I saw the second picture I gasped, then read what you put, and kinda laughed. When you think about it, kids are a lot like dogs. They manage to do the unthinkable!