current mood: inspired

i have been in such a crafty crafterson type of mood this week.  the only downfall?  i've had quite literally no time, unless i want to sacrifice sleep.  and let me tell you, nobody wants me to sacrifice sleep.  that would be bad for everyone mainly my husband.

since i haven't had much home time, during my open lunch hours at work i've been scouring some of my favorite stores for some inspiration.  i can't tell you how much satisfaction i get from finding something i love and creating something similar myself for about 82% cheaper (that's a random number. no actual math has been computed here).

my favorite finds that left me pining?


can be found here

can be found here

from one of the most amazing stores ever, shop ruche (which is actually pretty dang affordable if you're not on a super tight budget like me):
can be found here

i can't even tell you how sad i was that i found this dress today, when my work party is tonight.  for $39???

can be found here...but hurry!  only 2 left
i've already made my own necklace very similar to this one, based on one that was at anthropologie a few months ago.  i was just excited to find another one like it for much more than i paid to make my own:

the "marigold" (looks more like green to me) one is sold out, but you can find a violet one here


love this poof belt, which sadly is no longer being sold on their site

 and last but not least, thank you facebook for introducing us all to modcloth

can be found here

my favorite find.  so beyond excited about the inspiration i've gotten from this one.  you can find it here

is anyone sensing a theme?  i feel like i'm going to start dreaming that i'm being burried alive in flowers.

all i have to say is, your mind is about to be blown by the number of tutorials that are going to come your way from these ideas.

consider yourself warned.

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4 Responses to “current mood: inspired”

  1. Do I sense an etsy shop in your future?? Yes? Yes??

  2. i'm really REALLY thinking hard about it. i'm trying to develop some unique ideas. you think it would go over well?

  3. Hey. :) So I talked about you today on the blog.
    Happy Saturday. :) -McCall

  4. I'm a new follower. Found you on Lee, Me and the Girls.
    I hope you'll check out my blog, too. Love all the jewelry you posted!