frugal friday {umecrafts}

shut up.

etsy, just when i thought i had seen your whole hand, you go and trump me.

UmeCrafts has got to be the cutest thing i've ever seen.

all felt...amazing

anyone for a little ice cream shop?
or a trip to the movie?

this is where the shut up comes from...sushi.  i'm officially in awe.
and my favorite, a tea set complete with tea bag.

and what would a tea party be without chocolate covered strawberries, chocolates, cupcakes and finger sandwiches?

the best part, as far as i'm concerned?  they're patterns.  this is a crafter's dream.  i am seriously inspired. 

at only a $5 average per pattern, i plan on snatching a few of these up to make some amazing, inexpensive christmas gifts.  because i don't care what home you grow up in, play food is awesome.

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