handmade christmas gifts worth the time? i vote yes.

i've been a busy bee the past couple days, preparing for santa's arrival.

and let me tell you, santa got creative this year.

i am so excited to give out handmade goods this year.  i'm really pleased with the way my bookmarks/pins/gift bows/headbands turned out.  dang, these things are versatile.

now i'm out of hot glue sticks, out of gifts to wrap, and out of time.

just two more days until i get to head home to ohio, and only a visit with my dentist standing in the way.  

if you'll excuse me, i'm off to load up on sugar before i get a thorough cleaning.

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4 Responses to “handmade christmas gifts worth the time? i vote yes.”

  1. Love, love, love. They are so adorable!

  2. Your gifts look to die for. Can you please wrap mine! So glad you popped over to my blog and are now following. Whoppee! I'm following too! Oh, and love your pic of you and your man. Winter is so divine! xx

  3. They all look so great! Everyone will be so excited to receive them!

    Have fun in Ohio!

  4. SUPER cute. i love going the hand made route. and i've noticed that when i do hand made gifts i get into the christmas spirit WAY more. go you!