how do fashion bloggers do it??

black tee:  forever21
blazer:  gifted (my MIL), eddie bauer
scarf:  gifted (mom)
belt:  forever21
jeans:  LOFT
boots:  gifted (mom), a.n.a for jc penney

trying to take a picture of myself for the purpose of showing others feels slightly narcissistic and sufficiently awkward.  i feel a little like ron burgundy; "hey everyone, come see how good i look!"

that being said, i think i may have to start doing this on a regular basis.  even just from reading fashion blogs and taking part in steppin' out saturdays, i have noticed myself stepping it up just a notch.  i'm considering running with this, y'all.

now, i think i have too many other things that i enjoy doing and blogging about to solely focus on fashion.  i am, however, thinking about organizing things a bit around here by doing certain segments on certain days.  and on fashion days, i'm thinking the focus may have to be fashion on a budget.  thoughts? ideas? suggestions?

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5 Responses to “how do fashion bloggers do it??”

  1. I think that's a great idea! Love your style!

  2. fashion on a budget sounds amazing my friend!

  3. I felt the same way when I switched my blog to a personal style blog, but the reason I love looking at other people's personal style blogs is because it's inspiring and amazing to see women love their bodies how God created them. It also gives me great ideas for outfits, so I don't think people would think you're narcissistic. Just happy to be you! xo cute blog, btw.

  4. yeah- you definitely have to hold yourself a bit more accountable when there is photographic evidence! If I had better style I'd do it myself as a motivator!
    I think you look great!

  5. i totally know what you mean! knowing that i am gonna post myself on my blog totally helps me take it up a notch... you know, by putting on the cute hoodie instead of the one that is tattered & torn. baby steps. you look GREAT.