the reason for the season

dear Jesus,

happy birthday.  i know the actual day has passed, but there is nothing wrong with extended celebration of this event.

the most amazing part of Christmas for me is being able to celebrate as a part of your Kingdom.  i realize more and more every year that while receiving gifts is nice, and giving gifts is even nicer, my true happiness and holiday joy comes from having an opportunity to find some rest in you and celebrate the miracle of your birth.

thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the Christmas eve service at my family's church.  it truly was a celebration in every sense of the word.  i know i got a little choked up when the children's choir was singing, and that may have been a little goofy, since it wasn't really what the world would deem a tear-worthy moment.  i was just so overwhelmed when all of their little hands lifted to you and they sang with every ounce of gusto they had. 

when is it along the way that we lose our child-like faith?  i'm not sure when it was for me, but in that moment, i knew that i want to live like that in my daily life.  "Lord, i surrender all i have to you and i love you without condition."  i want this to be my daily affirmation to you; a mantra, if you will.  so when we sang Jesus Saves, by Travis Cottrell, i gave it all i had.  i stood up, raised my arms to you and sang with total abandon. 

i have never felt your presence more.  this was your affirmation to me that, "yes, lauren, if you live with a child-like faith, i promise to reward you; not necessarily with material gifts (although we did get a lot of those too), but with more love and peace than you can imagine."

thank you for the greatest gift anyone could ever know, given to me on your birthday. 

i love you with all that i have and all that i am.

your daughter,

Jesus Saves - Travis Cottrell

Hear the heart of heaven beating
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
And the hush of mercy breathing
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Hear the host of angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King"
And the sounding joy repeating
Jesus saves

See the humblest hearts adore Him
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
And the wisest bow before Him
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
See the sky alive with praise
Melting darkness in its blaze
There is light forevermore
Jesus saves

He will live, our sorrow sharing
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
He will die our burden bearing
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
"It is done!" will shout the cross
Christ has paid redemption's cost
While the empty tomb declaring
Jesus saves

Freedom's calling
Chains are falling
Hope is dawning
Bright and true
Day is breaking
Night is quaking
God is making all things new
Jesus saves

Oh, to Christ, how great a debtor
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Are the saints who shouts together
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Rising up so fast and strong
Lifting up salvation's song
The redeemed will sing forever
Jesus saves

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4 Responses to “the reason for the season”

  1. This is so beautiful... definitely brought tears to my eyes. I'm also working on getting that "child-like faith" back that we all seem to lose hold of once or twice along the way. Beautiful song, as well. Thanks for posting this :)

  2. Great Job Lauren, you got my water works goin! Love you and hope you had a very very Merry've got a present on the way once we get back

  3. @megs - it's amazing how this week, there have been a few circumstances where i have handed some situations over to God (and actually let go of it after that, which is something i've always struggled with) and i have seen an immediate answer. i feel like God knows i need some positive affirmation.

    @ stephanie - really?? thank you so much. i promise i'm going to get your flower clips around here soon now that the holidays are about over and send them your way. hope you guys had a wonderful christmas as well.