dog's best friend

it is impossible for me to describe the amount of destruction that titan has caused since we brought him home as a five-week-old puppy.  to our furniture?  nope.  to our carpet or our shoes?  nope.  but his toys?  they haven't fared so well, i'm afraid to say.  that dog has managed to destroy every toy that we've brought into this house.  not only that, but he has also attempted to hide the eating it.  unfortunately for him, he doesn't understand the function of digestion very much and doesn't really count on the evidence presenting itself for all to see in our backyard.  seriously, that dog is a champ at passing cloth.

there has only been one toy that has survived the wrath of titan.  it is not made of rubber or some kind of steel.  in fact, it is the most fragile toy that dog has come across:  a little plush cow that i brought home for him the day after we brought him into our lives.  titan loves his cow, and it is absolutely precious.  he doesn't chew his cow, but simply carries it around with him, licks it on occasion, and is a snuggle champion when his cow is involved.  titan's cow is his best friend, outside of lily of course, and it's a beautiful relationship.

(of course, to be fair to his masculinity, i should probably also point out that if you are a vacuum cleaner or a thief, titan will eat you.  consider yourself warned.)

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3 Responses to “dog's best friend”

  1. We have no surviving toys from Bear or Bailey...I think soon Kurt will stop letting me buy them toys

  2. I loved this post! :) Scarlett has a very old, very disgusting pink bone that she LOVES! We are convinced that she keeps a running tally in her head of where this crazy bone is at all times. Right now, I think it is outside buried in the snow, shame on her! Glad Titan has found a "true friend" in his little cow! Tell him, he still looks VERY manly in that picture!!!

  3. So precious! My chocolate lab is super selective about her toys but once one strikes her fancy it's ripped into shreds in a matter of minutes.