here we go...

it's only 90 days...

i can totally do this...

who wants brownies, pizza and pop anyways?...

sleeping in past 5 am is so overrated...


i "started" P90X last week, but let's be honest, if i didn't blog about it, it didn't count.  so i'm starting over.  and this time, i'm asking everyone to hold me accountable.  i will be following the nutrition suggestions a bit loosely.  i've gotta be honest, i have no intention of eating five servings of protein every day for the first thirty days.  gag me.  but i will be sticking to mainly lean sources of protein, fruits and veggies.

the fridge is stocked, my alarm is set, the before pictures have been taken, and i'm mentally prepared.

wish me luck.  (and maybe pass along a word of encouragement or two.)

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6 Responses to “P90X”

  1. Be strong, Lo. Icky, icky chocolate; yummy, yummy skinny jeans.

  2. You can do it! I am excited to see how it goes with you. It may inspire me :)

  3. You can do it! Are you doing it just to get more in shape?

  4. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes, then maybe I will be motivated enough to try it :)

  5. thanks guys!

    @ Jen, my main goal isn't to be thinner, but yes, to be more in shape. i want to be stronger and build up my stamina to improve my running. i also just want some motivation to start eating better.

  6. i've only just discovered your blog and am so excited that you are starting p90x! i've been doing tony's workouts for over 1 year and i love them! you will definately see results even if you don't follow his eating plan to the t.

    i know you can do it and i'm looking forward to watching your progress!