regarding my blog's identity crisis you haven't noticed.  i've been changing taglines around here about as much as i change my undies (which is daily, by the way, in case there was any question as to the state of my hygiene).

over the past few weeks, i've really been struggling to figure out what my blog identity is.  i've been feeling a bit scattered and completely unorganized.  when i read blogs, they tend to have a central focus, whether it be mommyhood, fashion, cooking, crafting, home decor, etc.  you get the picture.  i see communities formed around these central focuses (focusi?).  so i started thinking...hard.  what voice do i want to have as a blogger?  which of these groups do i most identify with?

after much thought and careful consideration, i came to this conclusion:  poo on one theme.

i discovered the issue behind this dilemma of mine wasn't me wanting focus or more organization.  it was me trying to find an audience to impress.  my epiphany came last night while reading Forgotten God, by Francis Chan, in which he shared this quote from A.W. Tozer:  "...we have imitated the world, sought popular favor, manufactured delights to substitute for the joy of the Lord and produced a cheap and synthetic power to substitute for the power of the Holy Ghost."

so i'm going to forget about impressing anyone in the blog world.  because really, at the end of this life, it doesn't matter how many followers your blog has.  instead, i'm going to continue blogging simply whatever is inspiring me each day.  that may present itself in the form of frugal fashion, crafting, new decor ideas, my marriage, my puppies, or any other number of things.  whatever my inspiration my be, it is my hope that far more than anything else, my love for Christ would shine through.

please don't read this as me not caring about anyone that does follow me.  i think you guys are awesome, and i really value the fellowship that i've found through blogging.  but if i don't gain another follower, i'll be okay.

and now, as if this hasn't all been long and random enough, i had a plan to share my outfit for the day.  i wouldn't want the pictures that eric slaved over to go to waste.  so without further ado:

cowl tunic:  forever21
gray skinny pants:  LOFT
boots:  jc penney
belt:  forever21
flower clip:  h&m

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10 Responses to “regarding my blog's identity crisis”

  1. I think this is my favorite blog background that you've had! Very classy and modern. Cute outfit! You have a great blog, don't change a thing!

  2. Somewhere I saw this quote and I have begun to live my life by it. Simple and sweet.

    "Stop living your life for an audience" - unknown.

    I'm liking the new blog. Mine is all over the place too..I craft, talk about random crap, & also about how obsessed I am with having a baby.

    Blog On Sistah!

  3. My blog also goes in all sorts of directions (sometimes in just one post). I've enjoyed keeping up with you since finding you from SOS. Keep it up (all of it!)

  4. #1: I like your outfit. The flower belt really makes it.

    #2: Amen, sister! Sometimes it's really hard to narrow down a focus, but really, why struggle to do so if it's not being true to you? Our lives are never about any one thing to the exclusion of everything else, nor should they be, so why not share it all? =) Like you said, it really doesn't matter how big of a following you get from your blog, if that's not your goal. Better to be true to yourself and share what you know. Great realization. Good luck.

  5. Love your blog just the way it is and love your outfit in those pics! :)

  6. poo on one theme too! that should be your tagline! i find that my blog and my style have no real direction. but if i were pigeonholed i wouldn't be happy. this is a great post on a great realization!

  7. good food for thought. i'm glad epiphany struck--don't you love that? and for your realization that, really, it should be authentically you.
    annnnnnd...i love that enormous flower clip. no seriously.
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog...come check it out if you'd like, even though it is one of those one-directional numbers... :) )

  8. You gained a new follower just from this! I think most women would live richer, more fulfilled lives if they just gave up trying to impress each other. Kudos to you for discovering this in yourself and doing your own thing!

    ~ TCC

  9. I stumbled across your blog from the every body every wear website for benton stripes day. I love it! Keep doing what you're doing!

  10. I can totally relate! I found your blog from the list of 30x30 remixers & I love it. Your doing a great job!