2/30 - on fake light and being suckers

hat:  Loehmann's; necklace:  H&M; scarf:  knit by me; belt:  thrifted

i know these pictures aren't the greatest quality, but to be honest, i was just happy to make it home tonight before we were forced to take more pictures in the dark on the back deck.  the lightness in these pictures is very misleading, and only due to some very intense manipulation.  let's just say i hope phil was right, because i'm ready for spring in the worst possible way.

eric and i are heading down a slippery slope these days.  before titan came along, we would occasionally allow lily access to our bed for short periods of time before giving her the boot when it was time for lights-out.  but since the big lug took over our household, snuggles before bed are a nightly occurrence.  and then last night happened.  eric turned to me and asked me if we should let the dogs sleep with us.  i thought very briefly about something we said we'd never do, considered how much toastier our snooze would be, and then, "meh, why not?"

do you think they slept at our feet?  nope.  titan, eric, me and lily, respectively, in a giant spoon line. 

you know what?  it was one of the best night's sleep i've had in a long time.  now let's just hope we learn not to be such suckers come summertime.  

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10 Responses to “2/30 - on fake light and being suckers”

  1. I didn't notice the print of your top until the last pic and GAH do I love it! I also really like the entire easy/flowy vibe this outfit is giving off. It's relaxed and pretty {my favorite!}

  2. that shirt-necklace-scarf combo is amazing! you look great :)

  3. I LOVE this outfit! The pants are amazing.

    And yeah ... our pets sleep in our bed. We had good intentions to start with, but they get their feelings hurt if we kick them out. Haha ... I feel like I'm well on my way to being featured on Animal Hoarders. :/

  4. i can only imagine a line of you guys on the bed. adorable. you know what else is adorable? i love the necklace and scarf! and the print of your shirt is beautiful! :)

  5. Love the light coloured snood in contrast to the darker items! You must have a pretty large bed then ;) That must have been so cute! x

  6. Firstly, love the wide leg trousers to bits. Your adorable. Secondly, I swore I'd never EVER let our giant pit bulls sleep with us, and then it happened. haha Our youngest pup is such a good snuggler, though, and it hasn't made her more disobedient, so I just can't help myself. Plus, when husband gets out of bed to go to work, it leaves me a warm body to snuggle with. Pathetic. Weak. Oh well. There are worse things, no?

  7. Love the top and proportions of this outfit! I am also super-impressed that you knitted that scarf yourself! I LOVE it!

    And that is too cute about your puppies :)

    Please spring, come quickly! Please!

  8. So cute! Love the chunky scarf with it!
    Have a great weekend pretty lady!
    <3 Kastles

  9. oh man i know how you feel! our little dog is THE BEST cuddler ever! plus the added warmth is hard to turn down.

    those wide legged pants are perfect!