3/30 and patterned block monogram tutorial

scarf: knit by me; belt: thrifted; earrings: my wonderful husband

 i hope you guys don't think i'm overdoing it with the cowl scarf two days in a row.  if you do, you're in for some disappointment, because this thing is Comfy with a capital "C" and i have no intention of giving it up anytime soon.  don't worry, this is just what i do.  when i first buy or make something, i want to wear it all the time for about two weeks, and then it disappears for a while.  so on the up side, you only have to endure about twelve more outfits with it.

wanna see what i did with my friday night?  well, about twenty minutes of my friday night; this one's quick and easy, folks.

i went shopping tonight for some random things (including my 30th pick!  yes, i did adhere to my original mustard long-sleeve tee idea, although the search was excruciating, which is a story for another time...) and i picked up this small cardboard block "A" from Joann Fabrics for $2 with a 50% off coupon.

block letter (obviously)
scrapbook paper (i used three patterns)
paper cutting tool or scissors
exacto knife
mod podge
paint brush or foam brush

begin by figuring the proportions you want for each of your patterns.  with my letter being "A", it was easy for me to figure out the first cut.  see that cutter in the following picture?  it makes life so much easier, but if you don't have one, just measure your area and then use a straight edge to mark where to cut to make sure you get nice clean lines:

from there, cut your next two pieces to place on either side of the first piece.  after doing so, glue all three pieces in place on the letter.

note:  only use a small amount of glue, and make sure it's spread evenly.  you don't want to create lumps and/or wrinkles in your paper:

now flip your letter over and place the third pattern (face down), under the letter, flush with the second pattern.  mark the edge of your letter to indicate where to cut.  do the same for the bottom of the letter:

this is me faking it.  i am most definitely useless with my left hand.  somebody needed righty to press the shutter.
 flip the letter back over and glue your final two pieces into place:

okay, good work!  you're done!
now flip your letter back over.  at this point, i recommend using a cutting mat, as you will be using the exacto knife.  that is, unless you're doubling your crafting efforts by engraving your dining room table.

yes, that's better.  now cut around all of the edges of your letter:

finally, using your brush, apply a thin, even coat of mod podge (i used a matte finish).  this will help the edges of the paper blend together more and lay nice and flat on your letter.  you may also want to use your fingers to smooth the paper over the edges of the letter.

voila!  now stand back and admire:

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10 Responses to “3/30 and patterned block monogram tutorial”

  1. love it! i think i will try this for Lilly's room! thanks for the post.

  2. Love this! YOu look so cute and happy, maybe cuz it's Friday :)
    Love the DIY too, very darling!
    Have a great weekend :)
    <3 Kastles

  3. lo! i super super LOVE THIS! you are so creative & girl, wear the cowl neck as much as you want cuz it's fabbuluzz ;D thanks so much for your comment on the giveaway post.. i just HAD to reply back to you because i was SUPER blessed that you teach high school girls! i seriously need some heart-to-heart advice on that topic:

    i get discouraged WAY too easily :(

    hopefully we can chat about it sometime!

    ps: i seriously LOVE that i feel we can talk about really heartfelt things even though we've never met! ah! the power of technology!

    have the most beautiful weekend, Lo!

  4. Great outfit.. and I agree cowl scarves are sooo comfy. Seriously they are the comfiest scarves ever! The A looks really cute, and nice simple DIY idea :) x

  5. Awesome! I made one of those too, but I never did post the completed set, just one letter. Check it out!


  6. Cute outfit AND diy! I kinda love your counter top pictures :)

  7. Love this, and love yoU! Ps, lookin' uber cute lady!

  8. i love this outfit, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the tutorial! i want to make a 'K' for our house now! :)


  9. What a great project!! So fun! Thanks for the tutorial!

    And I love that cowl neck, so please wear it all it the time :)

  10. If I were you I would wear that cowl everyday maybe even to bed. This letter is so sweet and looks easy to make but how eazy is it really?
    Love the way you write your blog it's very fun!
    Oh and one last thing, great shoes!!!