5/30 and seven things

headband:  me; scarf:  target; belt:  thrifted
confession time:  i hate chain emails.  like really really hate.  this whole stylish blogger thing?  feels a bit like that.  but what kind of bloggy friend would i be if i didn't thank Beverly for thinking of me.  i'm flattered, and it will give me an opportunity to share seven things with you about myself that you may not otherwise know:

1.  Eric and i met online.  this is why the concept of having online blogger friends isn't that foreign to me.  i'll share more about our story in a future post, but if you are a Christian single or know of one, i highly recommend Christian Mingle.  my friend Steph heeded this advice of mine and it landed her a wonderful husband as well.  you're welcome, Steph!

2.  it is my dream to someday have children with red hair.  Eric's grandma was a ginger back in the day, and he's got some serious red in his facial hair, so i guess it's not outside the realm of possibility.  you can bet if we do have a red-headed child, i will fight as hard as possible to name it Ron or Lucy.

3.  that being said, i want to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Orlando Studios with every ounce of my being.  who wants to take me??

4.  sometimes i feel more like one of the guys.  i am a big fan of most sports, and since moving to fort wayne, i've been disappointed to come up short in the girlfriend-sports-fan area.  when we were engaged, Eric's friends dubbed me Lars for nights that we would go to the bar to watch a game and get greasy food and a beer.

5.  i have a budget of $100 per month for all things personal, including any clothes i want to buy, haircuts and/or color, makeup, lunches, nights out on the town with the girls, crafting, etc.  girl's got to make a dollar streeeeeeeeetch around here.

6.  my favorite smells are babies, fabric softener, bleach and gasoline.  oh, and Acqua Di Gio.  swoon.

7.  i just started reading Radical, by David Platt.  i'm only ten pages in and i fully expect it to alter my life/faith (i started off listing that as life and faith, but that would imply that the two are separate, when in reality, they should be one and the same).

thanks again, Beverly!

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14 Responses to “5/30 and seven things”

  1. $100 a month seems like a great goal! I was thinking it was no problem until I read that it includes Happy Hour. I'd be lost without my happy hours!
    I'm happy to hear that you are also always looking for girl sports watching friends. I've found them few and far between since moving to Portland, too. We can be online sports watching friends, ok?
    Oh, and of course, you are as cute a button in this post.
    The Auspicious Life

  2. Um, I didn't know anyone else out there wants red-headed babies. Everyone thinks I'm CRAZY. They're just so gosh darn cute, you know?

  3. I have zero sports watching girlfriends either. They all think I'm a nut for "actually" liking sports. *deep sigh*

    ~ TCC


  4. Ummm....Hogwarts trip? Count me in on that.

  5. 2.) My husband's grandpa also had red hair and my husband has red facial hair too!! And I have red undertones in my hair so I too have a goal of making a red headed baby!!

    7.) Radical is so on my reading list! My women's bible study is currently passing around a couple copies. Can't wait to read it!

  6. I'm hoping to have a redhead too...in my husbands baby pics he sports his red hair. Oh and I live 45 minutes from up world...let's go!!!

  7. Mmmk...
    1. in love with your list.
    2. your boots... die! where did you get them!?!?
    3. i met my hubs on-line too... free week trial no less... christian cafe... ha!
    4. we're on a tight budget too... i'm on $75 a month... it's tough, but fun to be creative!

  8. Love this outfit! That sweater and scarf are perfect together! Any, funny enough, when I was a kid I was dying to have red, curly hair. Though now I crave for my kids to have tons of blonde ringlets!

  9. I love your red cardigan!!! you look great too :)
    and you're welcome! honestly i like you budget!

  10. I have never found anyone else that thinks the smell of gasoline is nice! Glad to know I am not a total freak. Oh and I LOVE your boots!

  11. 1. You're adorable...seriously wish i got to wear normal clothes at work.

    2. I love that we met our men online, and I've sent other people to CM with great success as well. You totally deserve credit for Kurt and I meeting, so thanks!

    3. We should ALL take a trip to Hogwarts! Kurt and I totally would be down!

    4. I love and miss you terribly!

  12. Great red cardigan!

  13. haha if it makes you feel any better, your 'personal' budget is larger than mine!! you look really darling in these pictures, i love your outfit. and ... has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like reese witherspoon?


  14. Love this look! And your scarf from yesterday! You & your blog are soooo cute! I have an 8 month old girl with red hair :) My Mr. has red in his beard, but neither of us have red hair!