7/30 - wrinkle-free wishes and bloggy dreams

oh haiiii Titan.  wow, i'm really glad he wasn't pooping or anything embarrassing back there.
hat: Loehmann's; belt: thrifted

check out that action shot.  hubs is becoming a professional at this.

today is the debut for 4/5 of this outfit (minus the shoes), and what a BIG debut it is.  five pieces in one outfit.  holy remixing, Batman!  this is where i have to say i love 30 for 30.  this is an outfit i would never think to put together, but at the end of the day, i'm pretty happy with it.

...minus the wrinkles.  i need a little portable steamer for this shirt, and unless i aged 60 years overnight, i don't think i'm supposed to have bunchy knees.  how do you all keep your skinnies from bunching up so much?  if someone could throw some magical remedy at me, that would be great, thanks. 

a couple nights ago, i had my first blog-related dream.  and it involved the lovely Linley.  i saw her out-and-about in Fort Wayne, and i got uber excited.  i approached her to say hello, although by the time i reached her, somehow we were magically in Florida instead.  as you can imagine, i was somewhat hurt when she didn't recognize me (although this could have something to do with the fact that i had short hair and was about 60 pounds heavier in my dream, which is more like a nightmare.  i've been about 25 pounds heavier than i am now, and even those extra pounds made me feel like crap, so 60?? I can't imagine.  but i digress...).  so i proceeded to introduce myself:  "hi, i'm Lauren (Lo) from Lo & Behold."  she looked at me like i had a huge piece of broccoli in my teeth, which, seeing how this dream went, i probably did. 

and that was it.  the dream ended there.  aren't your dreams supposed to be the place where you can be skinny with legs about six inches longer, have long, perfect wavy hair, and Linley is your best friend?  i'd like to order up that dream instead, please.

ah well, at least we were in florida...

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9 Responses to “7/30 - wrinkle-free wishes and bloggy dreams”

  1. hahah! your dream made me giggle! that's so funny - dreams can get so random. any time i try to think of a dream in detail it boggles my mind that such crazy things can happen while we sleep!

    i assure you that i would have been nicer in real life! (: i probably would have gotten really big eyes, said a really long, "hheeeeyyyyy!!", and then hugged you - if that didn't weird you out (some people are huggers, some aren't). sorry about the weird look in your dream!

  2. I simply lurve this look, hat and bunchy knees and all. It's probably your blonde hair that makes it so nice - lightens up all the dark neutrals. Anyhoo, way to go! And I look forward to my first bloggy dream ...

  3. Don't we all have dreams about Linley? Her hair is just oh-so dreamy! Loving all the layers in this outfit. I have an outfit in mind that might break my personal best for most #30x30 pieces worn at one time.

    And hi Fort Wayne? We aren't that far apart Lo.

  4. These pictures are so cute! Way to uber-remix the heck out of your items!!

    And dreams with Linley + Florida = awesome dream :)

  5. you're funny! my skinnies do the same thing!! i hate it.. and you know what at first glance i thought you were wearing green shorts, the picture on the top right made it look that way. I like you boots btw. oh! and easy on the broccoli!! lol

  6. I love dreams that incorporate real life but in some random and crazy way!

    Great outfit! I'm really impressed by your ability to look good while wearing a hat too. I always look ridiculous (even my husband agrees - that's really saying something) so I'm jealous.

  7. Oh, PS from earlier: I gave you an award over on my blog today (http://skrush.blogspot.com/2011/02/accepting-my-award-aka-procrastination.html). Feel free to play along or not, whatever you'd like, but I just thought I should let you know! I really look forward to your posts and all your fun insights. Keep doing what you're doing.

  8. Hi lovely! Wondering a bit of a TMI question about Titan...haha! Did you guys get him fixed or are you planning on it? Kurt has this grand plan that we should get a female and breed her with Titan...not even kidding!