8/30: is this lame?

cowl scarf: me; belt: thrifted

i wanted to wear a skirt today.  i was finally going to wear a skirt today.  but zomg, below zero??  i considered an attempt at layering all thirty items, but then thought the stares from passers-by may be more awkward than the frigid temperature.  so comfy, neutral and predictable it was.  the hair?  didn't really feel like doing it.  it's really just been one of those days.  can we just forget it ever happened?  great.

as a personal style blogger, does anyone else ever find themselves feeling super lame when trying to explain what this is all about to non-bloggers?  my typical conversation regarding my blog:

friend:  "you blog?"
me:  "yah...isn't that awesome?"
friend:  "well, what do you blog about?"
me:  "oh, well...my clothes...and other stuff"
person that asks a lot of questions:  "so what?  you just say what you're wearing?"
me:  "there are pictures involved, and i then i talk about other things, too."
seriously with more questions??:  "what, like makeup too?"
me:  "no, like lots of other things, like my husband and dogs and Young Life and crafts and omgee, i swear it's not as lame as it sounds."

i feel like i should just carry a laptop around with me at all times so when someone asks, i can just show them instead of trying to explain.  anyone else had more success?  please, do share so people will stop smiling and nodding and start throwing high fives my way.

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15 Responses to “8/30: is this lame?”

  1. paha! several things (and i can get wordy, so you better make yourself comfortable): (1) you're adorable. anyone who looks like reese witherspoon is adorable and automatically has great style. so. win-win for you, you lucky thing. (2) your scarf here is PERFECT. (3) after his wife showed him my blog, some guy told my husband, "man, i'm sure glad MY wife doesn't do that." yep. enough to make me feel suuuuuuper cool. as if posting photos of oneself isnt' vulnerability-inducing itself! (4) can i have your "bad" hairday? i think i'll use it to photoshop out my hair in every photo i own. seriously. looks awes.
    ummm. i think that's all. you're hilarious and adorable, but i think we've covered that already and thus, any repetition would render me creepy and senile. only one of which is true. i hope.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (fellow remixer)

  2. hehe, your explanation conversation made me laugh. I feel like this all the time. Probably why I don't tell many people about it. Is that weird?

  3. "does anyone else ever find themselves feeling super lame when trying to explain what this is all about to non-bloggers?"

    YES. Just had that conversation with my mother-in-law. My philosophy on this is that if you act like it's cool and like you have no need to explain, most people will go along and assume it's just as cool as you're making it seem. But I definitely have to fake that confidence.

  4. haha! I love how you explain about your blog :) I have the hardest time explaining it to my grandparents. they're so confused :D super cute outfit girl! I am loving your blog, following :)


  5. I congratulate you on wearing a skirt despite the weather! I've been too much of a wimp to up until now...but I think I might give it a try tomorrow!

    owenandchelsey.blogspot.com (fellow 30x30 remixer)

  6. hahaha your cute. I feel the same way. especially when we are taking pictures people wonder what we are doing. Also you look adorable, we have somewhat similar outfits today haha.
    <3 Kastles

  7. Well, even if you can't convince your friend, your blog is not boring! Also, I want to rob your entire outfit from you because it is pretty much perfect. If you could package it up and mail it to me, that'd be great--I'll wear it as soon as my 30 is over. (:

  8. Haha!! I totally get that when people that aren't familiar with blogs :)) The funniest was, "You take picture of your food? That's weird." Apparently it's only acceptable to take picture of your kids or something!

  9. I have been planning a post about that too. I get that question all the time "why do you blog?". Maybe it will be today's post!


  10. oh i know exactly how you feel! its hard to explain, and ive tried to, but its pretty awkward. i recently emailed my dad the link, and was like - hey, i spend a lot of time on this, what do you think? his response was basically...."nice, honey. good for you" hahaha.

  11. haha I live in a small town so I go through this with EVERYONE! My friends and family don't even get it. It cracks me up. And the more you try to explain, the bigger the hole gets until you end up screaming something like "I"m a big deal you know!?" and then you just sound lame. haha

  12. I generally don't talk about my blog in mixed company - what a taboo

    (haha, JK!!!!)

    There have been times where people have engaged me in conversations about my blog, and a lot of times they're incredulous or don't understand what I'm doing or why I'm doing it (ummmm welcome to 2010, people!).

    I just always make sure to exude confidence and pride in what I'm doing....because, well, I am confident and proud of what I do! And if they don't like it, they don't have to tune in. Plenty of others do!


  13. real-life conversations about blogging can be so awkward!

    p.s. i'm sure you get this a lot, but you look exactly like reese witherspoon. :)

  14. haha! i totally know what you are talking about. luckily my parents, husbands parents, and a couple close friends have really warmed up to it. but i definitely dont tell too many people. i feel like if you're not in it, you might not get it. and you may judge me. so i just keep to my bloggy friends! (: they get it.

  15. oh, and totally love your outfit!