9/30: big fat, frumpy fail

sweater: Gap; jeans: LOFT; boots: JC Penney; cowl scarf: me; belt: AE

at the beginning of the day yesterday, i thought this was a good comfy, casual look.  i thought this chunky belt was good for this sweater.  i was wrong.  after looking through all of the pictures for this outfit, i really just look like a frumpy mom.  and not the cute, stylish, young kind; more like the been-wearing-the-same-out-of-date-clothes-for-the-last-twenty-years kind.  p.s. i hope i'm never that mom.  this one is a big fail in my eyes, and my diet must be too, because my thighs?  they be getting bigger.

speaking of moms, walking through Target today past the baby section, even the sight of diapers tugged at my heart strings.  or was it my ovaries?  either way, i'm in one of my baby moods.  suddenly, every baby represents something i want but know in my heart that we shouldn't pursue yet.  this mood comes and goes, but right now it's in full force.  do i want all of the responsibility yet?  not really.  i just want those cheeks.

those cheeks will get you every time...

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6 Responses to “9/30: big fat, frumpy fail”

  1. I kinda like your outfit, but I'm probably one of those frumpy moms you talk about!

  2. Everytime I see those sweet baby clothes in target my heart smiles. I cannot wait to be a momma.

  3. Lo I think you look adorable...just like you always do!

  4. Love this! Love the belted sweater. Such a comfy, cute look.

  5. I think you pulled it off wonderfully! But as an aside...I had the exact same moment. Had the sweater and chunky belt going, felt proud of myself for at least trying to be stylish...until my husband broke it to me that it wasn't a good look for me. Oh, well!