they seriously make this?

i know, i know, i've been a bit absent this week.  i promise to fill everyone in later tonight (if i'm not up to my elbows in paint, caulk, cleaning supplies, and everything else it takes to get a house ready to sell.  you may be thinking "whaaaaat???"  come back with a coffee tonight and we'll catch up.  (doesn't that sound like a nice friday evening?  a cup of coffee with a close friend (p.s. now we're doing parentheses inside of parentheses inside of parentheses.  it's all Inception-like))).

back to what i was trying to quickly stop by for:  i found this mug today, and i think you'll understand why it is now my number one top, favorite, have-to-have-it thing in the whole world (outside of a tripod and remote, but still somewhat related).

 brilliant.  if you want one (and i know you do), they can be found here.  happy friday!!

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5 Responses to “they seriously make this?”

  1. hey you're not the only one..(no recent post)
    i'm still on 12/30 and everybody else is in 15 going 16..(ok so the sound of music just pop into my head when i wrote that lol)
    have a good weekend!

  2. You should know...I just ordered one of these :)

  3. these are one of the coolest things ever. i did a blog post a while back on them. i did a double take the first time i saw it- "WHY ARE THEY POURING HOT LIQUID ON A LENS!?" haha.

  4. *Reaction*
    *watches in horror as they pour coffee on a cannon lens*
    *Realizes the lens is a mug*
    Hey, that's kinda cute, I need to get me one and torture all my photography friends :D

  5. those mugs ARE brilliant! I had the same reaction as Sarah...but now that I know what it is, I neeeeed one. Cute blog!

    -christen @