birthday wish and a winner

my birthday is coming up in April.  no, i'm not soliciting birthday wishes when the time comes, but seriously?  if you want to throw them my way, all i'm saying is it's on a day sometime after the 7th and before the 9th.  i've been starting to think about what i want.  at one point, i know i had compiled a pretty lengthy mental list, but when i sat down to write it out, i couldn't come up with anything...

...except one thing.  one thing that i want more than anything for my birthday.

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my dad, my brother and i are planning on signing up for this three mile race together; a race that i have been drooling over since the moment i found out about it.  repelling, barbed wire, fire?  awesome.

in other news, the winner of my scarf giveaway is the ever lovely Lauren!  make sure you stop by her blog if you aren't already a reader.  she is adorable, and is the grand champion of layering and belted blazers.  plus, she happens to have a pretty great name.  conratulations, Lauren!  i will be contacting you by email shortly.

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One Response to “birthday wish and a winner”

  1. That race looks awesome. If (I mean when) you finish can I call you BeastLo? :)