while the cat's away...

hubs is out of town up at neebish island, so while he's away and i have nobody to entertain me, guess what i've been up to?

Pinterest?  most amazing site ever.  i love being able to see all of my ideas laid out in one place.  turns out i'm going to need it, too, because we accepted an offer on our house and are now scurrying to find a new one.  wam, bam, thank you ma'am (although i guess it's technically sir here, since the person buying our house has a moustache that apparently could rival Tom Selleck's).  if you'd like to follow my boards, check me out here.

check out those other tabs in the screen shot and try not to be jealous of my night:  a mini Say Yes to the Dress marathon courtesy of Netflix, house shopping, and a little time reconnecting with my old friend Blogger.  And of course, loads and loads of time Pinterest-ing.

now if only Pinterest would deliver a snuggly stand-in for my husband that doesn't smell like two wet dogs, i would bow down to it.  mayhaps the boyfriend pillow?

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