the perfect labor day

i have been itching for some time to get back to blogging, but unfortunately, eric and i are still without house, and thus, without internet still as well.  i won't go into details for now, but we are going to see one more house that i'm really praying will be the one.  in the meantime, how about a little therapeutic picture dump?

fall is in the air, and i couldn't be happier.  labor day was everything i was hoping it would be and more, from my crisp, chilly run in the country to start my day, to the sunset at night.  it was the first day after i completed my daniel fast, and i splurged with an amazing pumpkin spice latte on our way to visit my mother-in-law's family in goshen.

it was amazing to have a day off after all of the crazy that has been going on with our fall programming starting up at work.  and being able to wear jeans and a sweater on said day off was just icing on the cake.

in goshen, we celebrated eric's grandparents' 60th anniversary on their beautiful property.  i took the opportunity to visit with wonderful loved ones and play around with my camera, which i'm finally getting comfortable using in manual mode (it only took me a whopping eight months).

now if i could just get our desktop back so i could have access to photoshop again, i would be ecstatic.

we rounded out the day by going to look at a house that had amazing land, but the bedrooms were a little on the small side.  but seriously, check out this pond...

and it had fruit trees and woods.  do we compromise on space or don't we?  i don't know anymore.  i feel like one of those brides on "say yes to the dress" that has done way too much shopping and is beyond confused.  oy vey.

either way, it was a fun house to look at, and after we were done, we headed back to the in-laws to find this before retiring for the day:

like i said...perfect labor day

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4 Responses to “the perfect labor day”

  1. I have missed you and your random picture dumps. THe end.

  2. You look so good even through all the stress! & That sky? Absolutely Amazing.

  3. First, you look FANtastic in this picture! Second, I am so happy to be reading a post from YOU! And Third, I miss you a bunch and might just have to plan a trip out to see you!

  4. I love your outfit in this post, especially the yellow cardigan! I will pray for you and Eric on your house search! And I am looking forward to more post in the future!