movements and limitations: 30 weeks

30 weeks - is it possible to feel so close and so far to the end all at the same time?  if you ask my body, the answer is "abso-stinkin'-lutely."  it was this week that i started feeling the slower, more deliberate movements from our baby girl that can only be associated with something being crammed into a confined space.  instead of little jabs and kicks, i woke up one morning to what could only be a heel sliding its way down along the inside of my belly, coming to a rest, giving me the opportunity to prod a very real part of this little girl of mine.  it's impossible not to have a good day when you feel that kind of connection with something you helped to create.  in that moment, i found myself thinking, "the end is way too close," and daydreaming of keeping her safe and sound inside of me forever...

...that was short-lived.

it was also this week that i had to learn a hard lesson in limitations.  i took part in a first grade health fair, leading almost 400 students, in groups of five at three minute intervals, in jumping and hopping activities to teach them the value of physical activity.  in the midst of it, i felt great!  i had other women coming up to me expressing their concerns for me.  "ha!" i thought, "i've got this pregnancy thing nailed. easy peasy lemon squeezy."  hours and several braxton hicks contractions later, i would have put my foot in my mouth if i had the physical capacity to do so. so i waddled up the stairs, pains jabbing at me from my back and abdomen and proceeded to get the worst sleep of my life.  and in that moment, my thoughts were more along the lines of, "dear gracious heavenly father, if you really love me, you will expel this child from my womb in seven weeks, cause mama can't handle more."

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