letters to lucy: three months

My sweet little Punkin',

I think it's time we have a serious discussion - you are three months old now and you just need to slam on the brakes, little lady.  There were times in the first month of your life that felt like it was three months long, but ever since?  Time, she's a-flyin'.  Every day with you lately is my favorite for so many reasons it's hard to put into words.
You are a sweet, snuggly little thing.  When Mama holds you, you nuzzle into my chest and will hang out there as long as I am willing to hold you.  You have no desire to be put down, especially by me; it's a trait that is both incredibly sweet, but also sometimes incredibly inconvenient.  Your mama has always been a do-er, floating between ten projects at a time.  With your polite insistence on being held constantly, you are teaching me to slow down in life and soak everything in.  We spend our evenings together snuggling.  Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on quality time with you because all you ever want to do with me is sleep, but it is such a great feeling when I realize that it's only with Mama that you can truly be content enough to relax and let your eyes close.

Speaking of eyes closed, you are a little sleepyhead.  One night over Labor Day weekend, you slept from 8:30 until 11:00 the following morning, waking only twice during the morning just long enough to eat.  You can sleep through the entire evening, wake to bathe and eat, then immediately fall back asleep, not waking again until morning.  I know this is likely just because you are growing like a weed lately, but feel free to keep it up because Mama likes sleep, too.

You got a new sitter this month and we all think she is wonderful.  We have been so blessed to have Miss Nicky - she loves on you so much throughout the day; she gives Mama and Daddy daily reports letting us know everything you've done, including tummy time, stories and Bible reading, listening to music and spending time outside.  She sends me daily picture texts, which makes it a little easier to be away from you while I'm working.  It's still hard, and I won't pretend I don't spend my days daydreaming of staying home with you, but this is what our family needs right now, and it's nice to know that you are in wonderful hands, at least.

Some of my favorite things in the past month: Each morning, the first time I catch your eyes, I say "good morning, sweetheart," to which you respond with a beaming smile.  You love to talk, and occasionally you surprise yourself with how loud you can be.  You are starting to take so much in; when you are focused on something, you can go minutes without blinking, as if you are afraid to miss even a split second of what is going on.  You have discovered your hands and now they never. leave. your. mouth.  You are a different person for Mama and Daddy - while snuggles are for Mama, play time is for Daddy.  The two of you spend your time together with you facing out while you chase after the doggies, and Daddy helps you practice your standing.  He insists he'll have you walking any day now.

Let's be honest, there's really nothing about you that your daddy and I don't absolutely adore.  You are the most beautiful baby we have ever seen, and it is so exciting to see the sweet personality you are developing.  I can't wait to see what your fourth month of life has in store!


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3 Responses to “letters to lucy: three months”

  1. She really is a beautiful baby!! Im happy for you!

  2. So beautiful, I cry every time I read your posts!