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Can I just start off by saying these past couple weeks have been kicking my behind?  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted by just the daily grind.  Throw in a busy (but awesome!) Saturday, which is normally my day to catch up, and a two-day headache, and I'm already ready to throw in the towel on Tuesday.

It's a little late, but I would still like to recap my weekend in a formal post.  The short of it is I went with a friend to Cincy to meet John and Sherry Petersik from Young House Love, and then we went to Ikea.  Well,
Ikea really got my wheels turning (fancy that!), and now Eric and I are ready to start kicking it in gear to move things along in our house.  Up until now, it felt like we were ahead of the game - "Oh, we've been here for less than a year."  Now, having surpassed that one year mark in our house, we're suddenly looking around at all of the rooms that are still far from being finished and the thinking has shifted to, "Dude, get on that."

We are considering a trip back to Ikea this weekend, but in the meantime, I've started working on some little projects for a gallery wall in our bedroom.  After looking back at all of the things I've pinned on Pinterest, I was inspired by this print:

Original Source

Thanks to some very generous people, I was able to find the very same font for free, which can be used for personal and commercial use (source), as well a free piece of clip art (source).  With all this generosity, I figured I would share a free version of the print I came up with:

Print is intended to be 8x10, but could be printed in other sizes.  If you share, please link back to this blog.

Click here for full resolution.

One project down, about 23497 to go.  No biggie.

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