weekend review: work, work, nap

Lucy celebrated being four months on Saturday by being, honestly, pretty grumpy.  Either she wasn't feeling very well or she was just trying to give me a piece of her mind regarding my absence on Friday.  I had a huge annual event at work called Girls' Night Out that kept me away from the house from 8am-10:30pm, which only left me about 15 minutes to see her in the morning before I left.  It was tough to be away, but an adorable picture text from our wonderful sitter and photo booth opportunities with our staff got me through.

While Lucy was grumbly, Eric and I decided enough was enough when it came to our kitchen being in shambles from a backsplash project that should have been completed a month ago; so we finally did something about it and passed the babe back and forth while we took turns finishing up the grouting on our new subway tile.

Now clearly, there is a lot more to be done in our kitchen because, hello, carpet.  It is starting to become satisfying looking at the before and after progress shots, though.  We've painted the walls and cabinets, updated the hardware and redone the backsplash.  We still hope to replace the carpet with hardwood floors, replace that terrible, awful stain glass, replace the outlets and light switches with white ones, figure out a new lighting solution and turn our mismatched desk/counters on the other half of the kitchen with a pantry and bar.  Baby steps...

And speaking of baby, how cute did she look when we stepped out to church?  I finally finished up a sweater I made for her, which was my first attempt at knitting anything other than a square/rectangle.  It's a little small on her and I can see imperfections, but I'm pretty stinkin' proud.

on baby || onesie: Carter's | sweater: by Mommy (pattern) | pants: not sure | shoes: originally her Aunt Maggie's | hair clip: by Mommy

on Mommy || shirt: Old Navy | sweater: Kohl's | pants: H&M | boots: can't remember (similar)

And thankfully, all of the grumpies of Saturday were forgotten and Lucy gave me an opportunity to take a much needed nap before spending the rest of Sunday smiling and talking our ears off up until the minute she crashed.

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2 Responses to “weekend review: work, work, nap”

  1. what a cutie! and you are adorable too- good job on the kitchen progress. it is INSANE how long it takes to improve things when kiddos are around--

    1. No kidding! I wish I would have thought more about that before she came along...we would have been sure to do a lot more!