letters to lucy: 8 months

Dear Goose,

How do I even begin to define your eight-month-old self in words?  You cannot be contained by anything, let alone words.  I should begin by saying your daddy and I are in big trouble with you.  I don't know that I've ever met another baby your age with quite as much personality as you.  You are my loud, free-willed, independent, silly girl.

In a month that was mostly spent being sick, between snotty noses, coughing, difficulty breathing, and an ear infection, nothing could keep you down.  You had a couple slower days, but you still smiled your way through them.  Above all, you are a happy baby and I am beyond thankful for that.

I realize that right now, life is roses with you.  Sure, having a baby can be tough sometimes, but really we just get to enjoy you.  In church a few weeks ago, I saw tougher times ahead with you.  You were holding yourself up on an activity table, across from a little boy.  He kept reaching for the same toy as you, and you didn't hold back your feelings on the subject.  You kept grabbing his hand and grunting in increasingly higher pitched tones.  Someday, your daddy and I are going to have to teach you to share and show kindness to others.  We will be responsible for somehow helping you to understand that that doesn't mean other children will always share with you, and that you are to show grace in those situations.  I am so thankful for the right now, for this time before your age of accountability, when I get to laugh at the fact that you are a little pushy and you have pure adoration for me because I don't have to tell you "no".

As a mom, it's impossible not to compare you to other children in some aspects.  I find myself surprised on a regular basis by: a) how small you are compared to other babies your age, and b) by how high maintenance you are.  One day at work a few weeks ago, I held a baby that was seven months.  He was 24 pounds and had thighs like tree trunks.  I'm pretty sure I about threw you through the ceiling that night when I went to pick up all 15 pounds of you.

I noticed that same little boy, along with several other babies that come to the Y, was very content to just sit and play independently, and to watch what was going on around him.  Not you - you require constant stimulation and attention.  This part of you is a bit of a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, it makes it hard to take you certain places.  I have had to distance myself from Campus Life, because I know that I can't just take you along to Club and expect you to entertain yourself while I spend time with high schoolers.  On the other hand, it is so fun to see how you light up when anyone looks at you and says "hello."  You thrive on being around others and your interaction with them.  You love games like "airplane" and being thrown into the air.  You giggle when mama nibbles on your neck and belly laugh when daddy carries you out in front of him, chasing the puppies around the house.  While I do compare you to other babies, in the end, I pretty much just think you're more awesome than they are.  I might be slightly biased, but still.

Other things you're up to:

  • "Dada" is on repeat all the time.  No "mama" yet, although you are starting to put together more sounds and some of them get pretty comical.
  • Waving!  This one was so exciting; I've only gotten you to do it once on command, but I managed to capture it on video.  Score one for mom!
  • You are starting to get so much better with your hand-eye coordination.  You are feeding yourself puffs and successfully gnawed on an apple slice for the first time recently.  I was impressed as I watched you pass it back and forth between hands to get the grip you needed to chew on it.
  • Speaking to your "too-big-for-her-britches" mentality, you are so beyond baby food.  While you love cereal, you show disgust over anything with a pureed texture.  You did love that apple slice, though, as well as baked acorn squash right off the rind.
  • Holding yourself up on objects.  You can't pull yourself up yet, but when I help to stand you up against an object, you look so proud of yourself.  You especially love holding yourself up against the mirror so you can see that cute baby friend of yours.
  • Rocking on your hands and knees one knee.  You are still a little hesitant about this, keeping one foot out in front of you so you can sit back down if you need to.  You'll get there.  You just take your time, baby.
I see you learning so much, so fast.  I am stuck somewhere between excitement over what is to come and anxiety over you getting older and one step closer to not needing me.  I think I'm coming to realize that this is just part of being called "Mom".

I love you so very, very much, my Lucy.  I am still consistently surprised the way the heart can stretch and grow and never runs out of room.  I pray that as you grow, you will find the same capacity in your own heart.


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