sweet success


Our little lady started crawling this weekend.  It's not perfect by any means - she plants her right foot on the floor as if she is going to stand, and uses it to propel herself forward, dragging her left knee along.  I have a feeling her mentality toward the quality of her motor skills somewhat parallels the feeling I've always had about my car - as long as it gets you from point A to point B, what more could you ask for?  She is finding herself one step closer to the independence she has been craving since the day she was born, and as a result, we have been treated to a slew of smiles and giggles all weekend.

It is so fun to watch Lucy continue to learn and see her excitement.  Suddenly, every cord, remote, pair of nail clippers and everything else that's not a toy is within this little lady's reach.

And as an added bonus, all of that motoring around led to Lucy's decision that she is ready to start putting herself to sleep.  Seriously, who is this ridiculously easy-going baby and where did she come from?  Life is so sweet in this house.

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