March has certainly been busy for us - especially given that it's only 1/3 over.

We've celebrated two birthdays so far - one with a delicious buttermilk chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache icing that tasted absolutely sinful.  I celebrated the love of my life's birthday like it was my own and I'm still paying for it now.  I was just proud I made that baby from scratch.  Seriously, if you don't want to eat your weigh in cake, for the love of all things holy, do NOT visit the link to the recipe.

There have been meals out, meals in with friends and family, naps few and far between and lots of coffee to make up for it.

True to midwest fashion, we had five inches of snow and then 60 degree weather separated by just four days.  We celebrated the first feeling of spring with a walk around the block, taking in all of the fresh new smells and shaking off all of the winter blues.

There has been time for Lucy to spend with Mama, Daddy, grandmas and grandpas, her uncles and even great grandmas.  There is no shortage of love for this little girl.

It's hard for me to believe that with all that we've already done this month, March still has so much in store for us.  With a vacation to Florida on the horizon and winter fading quickly, this may just be the best month ever.

Bared baby thighs, sun, pool time and Harry Potter, I am so. ready. for. you.

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