DIY envelope upgrade

Lucy's invitations are printed, and I am LOVING them. Pictures do not do them justice - they are printed on the prettiest pearlized card stock.  I took the file to Staples and they printed 15 4x6s for me (five sheets of paper) for just under $7.

I already had some 4x6 envelopes on hand, but they were just white and well, that's boring. It felt wrong to put something so pretty into something so plain, so I decided to jazz them up a bit.  Ready for the easiest DIY project ever?

I simply went on Google and searched for "vintage lace background," found the one I liked, opened it up in Publisher to the size I wanted it (just slightly more narrow than the envelopes) and printed them off.  Then, using a paper cutter, I cut them down to size.

My next step was to glue my paper and then just slip it in the envelope, pressing it down to make it stick.

The only problem?  Slapping pretty paper on the inside doesn't help the envelope look pretty upon arrival.  So I took my same lace image, opened it up in Publisher, cropped it down to the sizes I needed for return labels and address labels, then typed up the addresses in both.  I printed them off, cut them  out and glued them on with a glue stick.

Seriously - easiest upgrade ever.  Best part?  It was free.  Between designing these invites myself and fixing up some envelopes I already had, I managed to spend less than $7 on a great first party impression.  Hope our friends and family enjoy opening these up!

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