steppin' out saturday {young life edition}

for the first time ever (mainly because i'm new to blogging), i'm linking up to mandy's steppin' out saturday.  i've been reading her blog for a while and she is one reason that i have decided to start blogging.  it's so amazing to see other women channeling their creativity and doing such fun, amazing things.  plus, little harper...seriously? i die with every new picture.  she is the most adorable little girl and definitely not helping the state of my baby fever.

yesterday i had the pleasure of heading down to indy with two of the girls that i've gotten to know through young life, but haven't had a chance to spend much one-on-one time with (yah, i'm ending this sentence with a  in a nutshell, it was awesome.

i completely forgot to find out what they were  but aren't they adorable?  i wish i had a fraction of this style in high school.  i wore track jackets.  track jackets, people.  my absence from this picture is because at the end of the day, i hated the outfit that i had thought looked pretty okay at the beginning of the day. but now i've got some new clothes for next week's steppin' out, craft show edition. speaking of, i've got mucho work to do this week. i'll be sure to share as i finish new pieces.  tutorial?  mayhaps.

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5 Responses to “steppin' out saturday {young life edition}”

  1. Wow, these girls are in high school?!? Kids now are WAY more styish than when I was in high school.

    Just came over from Steppin Out and loved reading your posts :) You sound like you've been blogging forever...looking forward to reading more!


  2. Lauren I wore track jackets and sweats too, but I remember it's cause there for awhile track jackets were in-style...yuck! I love the blog :) I check in daily!

  3. They do look awesome! I'll be looking forward to you joinin in next week :)

    if you want to know what im wearing ill fill you in!! haha that way it wont be a fail! i love being in your first steppin out saturday picture!!!!

  5. wow so yeah we basically are styling ;) and i will definitely let you know what i'm wearing guuurrl. i love you !