haaaaaaaang on sloopy

by all accounts, eric and i should not be married.  this is precisely what should have happened on our first date:

yes, i am an ohio state fan through and through.  i have known the words to the fight song since i was approximately four years old (thanks dad!). 

unfortunately, eric was doomed from the start.  his dad and his dad's dad both went to U of M for college, and as a result was brought up as a wolverine.

ask 9 out of 10 buckeye fans, and they will tell you this is a deal-breaker.  but somehow, we beat the odds and instead, we ended up like this:

(side note: why do both of these have female michigan fans?  get some smarts, ladies.)

now this doesn't mean we don't face some bumps along the way.  during the game on saturday, i was in michigan with eric's family.  i rocked my scarlet and gray, but when ohio state was doing well, do you think i cheered very loudly?  heck no, techno.  i want to be invited back to neebish island, thank you. 

also, it wasn't pretty.  and as much as i try to convince myself that michigan still maintains a large lead over ohio state overall in this rivalry and that my cheering is justified, i just can't stand to see my husband unhappy.  it's really sad, actually.  i mean, we're talking pouty lip here.  and that leads me to do things like this:

i'm soooo sorry :(
but never on osu/michigan game day.  and not likely when michigan is having a winning season.  this is only because i feel sorry for my husband.  because lets face it, love makes you do crazy things. 

and without sports, this wouldn't be disgusting.

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One Response to “haaaaaaaang on sloopy”

  1. haha I love this post! The hubs and I are the same way only with MLB teams (hubs=reds, me=cardinals). This year was especially tough because they were neck for leader of their division. We are very supportive when one team is in last and the other is doing well but when they are both doing well it's just not pretty.