i thought i was safe

so about a month ago, morgan over at mrs. priss shared some of her husband's sleeping habits that, lets face it, are a little on the scary and sometimes gross side.  i have to admit, after reading her post and all of the comments sharing similar stories, i was smug.  sleeping for us has never been an issue.  in fact, we snuggle through the entire night sometimes in peaceful slumber (yes, i'm very aware of the fact that we are disgusting in this regard).

and then last night happened.

i was being a good wife, catching up on entering receipts into our budget program in bed.  eric started seeming a little sleepy, and i asked him not to fall asleep yet.  he told me he was awake, but i knew better, and wasn't surprised one bit when he zonked on my shoulder.  i finished up what i was doing and got out of bed to take care of the dogs before calling it a night.

all of a sudden, eric sat up halfway and said, "oh, i forgot!"  thinking that he was referring to forgetting to stay awake, i replied, "yes, dear, you did."  i'm sorry if i fail miserably in painting a picture of how he responded.  he grabbed the covers on both sides of him, started twisting on his back, and yelled out, "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM."  at first, i lost it.  like, rolling on the ground laughing.  then, omgosh, what just happened?!  my safe dreamy world is collapsing in on me; my husband cannot, just cannot become one of those crazy sleepers.  i need an uninterrupted seven to eight hours or i am a serious crankypants.  not to mention the bodily harm it could cause.

and then it hit me.  i am such a sound sleeper.  a tornado could probably rip through our house and i would wake up in a field somewhere wondering whether i was still dreaming.  i digress.  how do i know that my husband hasn't boom-boomed me at some point?

the moral of this story is this:  when your husband begins to act out war scenes in his sleep, it may be time to re-evaluate his call of duty playing time.  oh, and none of you are safe.  none of you.

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One Response to “i thought i was safe”

  1. Bahahahahahahaaaaa! Oh man. I love it. You have to watch out for those video games, man. They invade husband's brains and you never know when boom-booms are going to be sprung on you.