steppin' out saturday {neebish edition}

 as expected, neebish island was amazing.  we ate like calories are no object, lounged around the fire, read some books, watched some football and connected with family.  oh, and on saturday, we hunted for our perfect christmas tree to bring home with us.  i dragged eric around for longer than he was hoping to be out, only to end up choosing the one we had found in the first 15 minutes of looking.  but lets face it, you can never be too sure about these things.  i can rest easy knowing that there wasn't a better option out there.

okay, lets be honest here; this picture is not about my outfit, folks.  i mean, look at the shape that coat creates.  woof!  so instead, please direct your attention to our beautiful, symmetrical tree.  i can't wait to crank up some charlie brown christmas music and decorate this thing.

i specifically asked eric not to shave the whole time we were up there.  by the time he brought in the tree, i had my very own paul bunyan.  the only thing that would have made this better is if he had a flannel shirt on.  i love me some mountain man.
and now for a few more shots of our time on neebish island.  i only wish i had more than a point and shoot to capture the full beauty (i have a solution in mind, but more on that later):

can i bring them all home, please?

yahhhhh buddy.
hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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One Response to “steppin' out saturday {neebish edition}”

  1. I am soooo jealous of that beautiful snow! Your pictures look great! We have been blaring christmas music and are fully decorated but there's something about 80degrees that doesn't feel like Christmas.