it's a brand new {camera} day

that's right.  i was spoiled for Christmas.  on top of numerous other things, the hubs, my in-laws and my bonus check all pitched in to get me what i've been patiently awaiting for a long, long time.

meet my Pentax K-x.  she obviously needs a name, and i haven't come up with one yet, but i am now accepting suggestions.  my initial thought is louann.

i am shooting in auto mode because, to be honest, i have not the slightest idea what i'm doing.  and the operating manual?  i'm frightened beyond belief slightly intimidated.  if anyone knows of any photography sites that give good, basic information to start me off on the right foot, please pass them along.  i'm really a lot like bob with this one, just focusing on baby steps.

here are a few of my first few pictures taken tonight.  while they don't look professional by any means, they're a far cry from my sad point-and-shoot pictures:

the hubs, doing what he does best (call of duty).

i can't believe how good our 5-month-old puppy is with our friends' baby, emmett.  at one point, titan snuggled up to the little guy and laid his head in his lap.

eric was making him laugh.  precious.

it's painfully obvious how much these two love each other.
 there is no better way to end a monday than with good friends and family in our happy little home.

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2 Responses to “it's a brand new {camera} day”

  1. Lo,

    This is a GREAT website for beginners... check it out!

    Remember there are three parts to a great photograph: Background, Middle Ground & Foreground!

    Happy Shooting! ;)


  2. I got a Canon eos Rebel for Christmas... so I know how you are feeling! I'm going to take a class at a community center. Let me know if you come up with any good websites!