meatless monday

yes, i know it's tuesday.  but i lost almost an entire day yesterday, and i'd like to reclaim a piece of that now.

yesterday, i woke up and got in the shower, only to be sucker-punched with dizziness and nausea.  i've already gotten the question several times, "are you pregnant?"  let's just dispel any rumors right here and now.  i'm fairly certain i'm not.  not that i would be upset by any means if i was.  but i digress.

so i called off work, watched a little of the today show before taking a massive nap, and then proceeded to watch about 7 episodes of friday night lights on netflix.  serious waste of space.

luckily, today i felt well enough to go to work, go shopping after, and then come home and make us a wonderful vegetarian meal.  the whole idea behind meatless monday is that cutting meat out of your diet one day per week can have significant health benefits, as well as reducing your caloric intake.

this is where it sounds really lame for me to say that we followed up our healthy dinner with peach crisp.  someone please revoke my apron and sugar jar, because i have a serious problem.

without further ado, i present to you egyptian edamame stew:

recipe can be found on my favorite cooking site ever:  eating well
you may be saying, "but lauren, is that chicken in the bowl on the left?" in which case i would reply, "yes, good observation.  my husband happens to not be a fan of meatless any-night-of-the-week."  so i let him have his way and added some leftover lemon chicken from two nights ago.

the recipe was wonderful, as every recipe i've gotten from that site is.  i had every intention of putting it on top of some couscous, but forgot to pick some up at the store. drats.  happy to say that white rice was a good substitute.

bonus: it was only 257 calories for two cups and i have plenty more to last for a couple lunches.  score.

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3 Responses to “meatless monday”

  1. looks yummy!

    glad you're feeling better today :)

  2. Lauren, I just stumbled upon your blog through facebook, and I saw this.. Egyptian edamame stew = my favorite thing in the world! i felt the need to comment on this because I have never known anyone to have had this before! Glad to see you are doing well!

  3. oh man, allie, it's the first time i had made it, but it is amazing! i will be making it again for sure. glad you stopped by!