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i continue to learn the joys of being a blogger on a daily basis.  the newest one?  free stuff.  shutterfly is currently offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers.  all you have to do is blog about your favorite holiday cards from their collection.  i knew there was a reason i've been putting off ordering cards.

this isn't even a chore.  i love shutterfly.  i used their site to create amazing photo books for our parents as a wedding gift.  my cousin falynne has also created photo books and collages of the adorable owen (remember him?)  do you have family that you're looking for a personal gift for?  if so, make sure you check out all of shutterfly's photo gifts here.  they have such a wide variety of quality products; there's really something for everyone. 

initially, all of the cards have such a visual appeal that it's hard to narrow down the field.  i mean, seriously, take a peek for yourself.  however, i am adamant about the fact that my christmas cards must say merry christmas.  no happy holidays, no peace & love; Christ is the reason for the season and he has to be present in my well-wishes for others.  so that helped somewhat.  eventually, i came up with my top three:

please help me decide!  oh, and as if cutie family christmas portrait cards aren't wonderful enough; lets top it off with a little sweet christmas address label action.  check out the collection here.  my personal favorite?

one of the young life students (and an amazing friend), audrey, is coming over on sturday morning to take some pictures of us with our pups.  i'm hoping to get some great family shots of us to include on our card, and to hang around the house.  wish us luck trying to get two dogs to sit still and look at the camera at the same time!

thanks, shutterfly!  if you're a fellow blogger and want to take advantage of this wonderful offer, you can find the submission form here

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6 Responses to “shutterfly blogger offer”

  1. I like all of your choices! Maybe see how the photos turn out, since they all require a different number of photos, and then decide based on where your pictures fit best?

    Good luck with the photo shoot, I hope your pups cooperate :)

  2. I like the first one.

    And here's my comment: WHY ARE YOU WAITING UNTIL DECEMBER 9 TO PICK OUT A CHRISTMAS CARD?!?!?! Are you nuts?! My OCD is kicking in just thinking about it.

  3. hahaha...believe me, i know. i got that message loud and clear when i received your card on december 1st.

  4. They're all great, but I really love the last one, that is if you only go with one photo. We're totally behind the 8 ball too and haven't gotten ours done either!

  5. I like the last photo :)

    I used shutterfly for making an album of my wedding photos, it turned out great!

  6. I had them done WAY before of the perks of being a substitute :) I just couldn't see them sitting in the drawer anymore. Plus, I wanted my card to be the first to get sent out. More OCD.