steppin' out saturday {lazy edition}

friday night was my office's christmas party.  can i just be the first to say...the hubs?  he was smokin' hot.

this man should dress up more often.  ties suit you well, friend.

nevermind the disaster that was my hair.  i couldn't get it to do anything.  c'est la vie, i guess.  although, no, i retract that thought.  i feel that it's necessary for me to point out how completely unfair it is that i picked out eric's outfit about 30 minutes before we left and that he didn't have to do anything else to himself to look good.  meanwhile, i spend several days going out to find the pieces for my outfit and about an hour in the bathroom trying to get my hair to do something, anything, and i'm the one who looks wreck-ish.

on saturday, i rebelled against being a girl by not doing anything to get ready.  i rocked the "i slept on wet hair" look with no makeup, and i crafted and wrapped gifts all day.  around 6, i finally worked up enough motivation to put on pants and eric and i went to dinner with some friends of ours.

i truly apologize for the quality of this picture.  it's atrocious.   atrocious.
truly the most comfortable outfit ever:

button-down shirt:  eddie bauer
navy tank:  buckle
sweater:  f21
jeans:  LOFT (are you guys getting sick of these yet?)
socks:  target
boots:  st. john's bay for penney's (are you getting sick of these too??)

in other news, i'm happy to report that i finally got to watch a muppet christmas carol today with eric and my in-laws.  it was so nice to finally have a sunday that we could stick around their place after church and just hang out.  i feel like the christmas movies have been severely limited this year.  here's my list of usuals:

muppet christmas carol
home alone
white christmas
christmas story
national lampoon's christmas vacation
charlie brown christmas
it's a wonderful life

how in the world am i going to fit the rest of these in in the next week?!  what movies are a must for you and your family?

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10 Responses to “steppin' out saturday {lazy edition}”

  1. Lauren you always look great in all of your pictures! You have awesome sense of style! You and the hubs make a perfectly adorable couple!

  2. 1- you both look smoking hot in that picture!
    2- i love that you also have a christmas movie list
    3- movies i have yet to watch: holiday inn, the holiday, christmas in connecticut, meet me in st. louis
    4- LOVE YOU!!

  3. Um.... Love love love both of your outfits woman! You and the hubs are stinkin' adorable! Also.... Love that you watched Muppet Christmas Carol! I just convinced my hubs to watch it last week... I'm convinced it's the best version of the story out there! He he he... bless my heart! Shows you how cultured I am...


  4. hope, the only one i know off of that list is the holiday. am i missing out??

  5. Christmas in Connecticut and Holiday Inn are some of my favs too, you need to see them!
    PS- you guys are really stinkin' adorable! There is a whole lot of hotness going on in that picture!

  6. Oh, you guys look so classy by the Christmas tree! So cute! I saw Charlie Brown's Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life for the first time this season. SO GOOD! I might have cried in both of them.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  7. Holiday Inn and I love it's a Wonderful Life, my husband and I watch when putting together our daughter's "santa" gifts every year.

  8. I love days where I am not in make-up and in sweats :) Love the photo of you and your husband in front of the tree...very festive! I put your blog in my google reader...looking forward to reading more.

  9. adorable outfits! Happy holidays :)

  10. I love your hair. What on earth are you talking about? Classy, stunning. (And yes, your man looks GREAT!) xx