steppin' out saturday {tacky christmas edition}

last night was our sunday school christmas party and, yup, you guessed, it was tacky-christmas-sweater themed.  our sunday school class is filled with an amazing group of people and i love them all.  we always have such a great time when we get together.

this might be one for the christmas cards...

sweater: croft & barrow, thrifted
jeans: buckle
hat: dollar tree

matching sweater: croft & barrow, thrifted
turtleneck: ? thrifted
jeans: LOFT
reindeer headband: dollar tree

after eating some fried turkey and lots of other good foods, we played some games, including a round of "holiday sausages," in which teams take turn asking each other questions to which the questioned must respond, without smiling, "holiday sausages."  example:  me:  "katie, what is your favorite shade of lipstick?"  to which katie responded, "hahahaha."  score one point for the good guys.

we also played our party regular, mafia.  cards are passed out to each person, and three people that hold aces are the mafia, there is one sherriff, and a medic.  while heads are down, the mafia conspire to kill off one townsperson at a time, and at the end of each round, the townspeople try to figure out whodunnit.  they nominate two people that they believe are mafia, and vote on one to axe.  if the townspeople successfully get rid of the mafia before their numbers dwindle, they win.  however, in this case, steve, shannon and i proved to be too much for them and were able to feign innocence well enough to beat them all and mafia prevailed.  muhahaha.

check out the intense blame-game going on here.  this game isn't for the meek.
there was also a white elephant exchange.  wifey managed to be the hero and seal the best prize for her hubs.  was it the functioning bread maker?  nah.  was it that statue of a basketball-playing santa?  nah.  there's only one prize eric had his eye on, and who could blame him?

ohhhh yeahhhhh.

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3 Responses to “steppin' out saturday {tacky christmas edition}”

  1. You guys seriously are SO cute, I wish we lived close to you...we don't have anyone our age at church...booo

  2. You two look so cute! Sounds like such a fun party!

  3. oh man, i can't believe you found matching tacky sweaters! that is awesome. and how do you manage to looks so cute in such a tacky sweater? i don't know but you do.