wordless wednesday {family picture}

i know, i know, i've been seriously slacking this week.  but i'm pulling double-duty today to make up for it, including a tutorial for a floral headband.  just a little teaser to start your day off right.

our little photo session on saturday went well...cold, but well.  i haven't gotten all of the pictures back yet, but this one is the clear frontrunner for our christmas cards, which i still haven't ordered.  you say christmas is next week?  well, poop.

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3 Responses to “wordless wednesday {family picture}”

  1. Your dogs are beautiful! I am soo jealous that you guys get snow! I have always wanted a white christmas, but in california there is no chance!!

    Just found your blog and I am excited to follow!

  2. Oh my goodness this picture is too perfect! It belongs on a travel brochure or something.

    Your pups are so cute! Wish we could get our pups together for a play date! haha

  3. oh man, a puppy play date would be awesome. and what would a puppy play date be without a few drinks for the mommies?

    it makes me so jealous when i see that whole slew of bloggers in the PNW getting together for girls' nights and play dates. why can't i find any midwest bloggers, dangit?!