eat my shorts, SEC

white tee & short-sleeve cardi:  forever21
pants:  the limited, thrifted from goodwill
shoes: same as yesterday, thrifted from salvation army
scarf:  target
belt:  thrifted from salvation army
earrings:  gift from mom

i only have one thing of importance to say today: 

that's right, my buckeyes won last night.  it only took ten tries to beat an SEC team in a bowl game, and the fourth quarter left me with nubs for fingernails, but they did it.  the fact that they won made staying up until 12:30 so worth it.  in fact, they probably won because i stayed up to cheer them on.  yah, let's go with that.

today's outfit was my attempt at a subtle celebration, but eric informed me there was nothing subtle about my color choices.  here's the take-away, kids:

it's hard to be subtle about anything in red pants.

in other news, i found out some amazing news today that led me to call eric immediately to share with him.  i really thought he would be more excited, but as it turns out, he's a big fuddy-duddy.  so hopefully someone here will get excited with me.  today, on my way to work, i passed an empty store that used to house big lots, but it went out almost a year ago.  today there was a sign posted with the new resident...

...gosh, i hate to say it, but i really think most people will be let down by this build-up.  we are getting a salvation army about two minutes from our house.  and it's going to be huge!  this is big news. big.  one more store in which to find fun, thrifted treasures.  and, hi, i can go on a whim.

good day.

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6 Responses to “eat my shorts, SEC”

  1. you are too stinkin' cute.

  2. I can honestly say that I would be JUST as excited as you about getting a Salvation Army that close to your house! I moved to Evansville for college a little over a year ago and I nearly cried of happiness when I realized there are, like, 5 Goodwills in the area! Thrifting is a wonderful thing :)

  3. This outfit is gorgeous. So beautifully put together. And after yesterday's post I would say that perhaps burgundy is your new favourite colour? It looks great on you! Happy thrifting. xx

  4. I love this! I dig the not so subtle red pants, I wore my red scrub top in personal celebration as well!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment. And my sister got that blouse from PacSun of all places. It was on clearance, but I know they still had some where I live, so hopefully they will where you live! Good luck@

  6. O-H! My husband stayed up to watch the whole game, too! (He went to THE Ohio State University for college and our newly finished basement is...wait for it...buckeye themed!)