mental health vs. smaller waist

anyone that reads my blog may have noticed i've been somewhat absent this week.  i have been a tired mrs. crankypants and have had zero motivation to contribute to this little blog-o-mine.

i've also had zero motivation to cook, clean or P90X.

last night i went to bed at 9:30.

do you think it's a coincidence that all of this is taking place at the same time that i decided to cut all sweets from my diet for a week?

i think not.  someone get me some chocolate before i, a) hurt someone, b) lapse into a deep depression or c) eat everything in sight in an attempt to forget about the fact that i can't have sugar.

really, is having a smaller waist worth risking my mental health?  please, somebody help me justify giving up on this week-long battle.  if you do, i'll share my chocolate with you.

but not too much.

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5 Responses to “mental health vs. smaller waist”

  1. mmmmm, I think you should let yourself have a little bit. I used to let myself only eat chocolate on Fridays. I would let myself eat whatever I wanted on Fridays as a matter of fact. It worked quite nicely. As time went on, I stopped wanting it because a.) I had no desire and b.) I saw how much time it took me to burn off as many calories as I was putting into my body with junk & decided it wasnt worth it. Good luck girl!

  2. life w/o sweets is definitely stress-inducing! i say get yourself to do p90x and then reward yourself w a skinny cow!


  3. i totally gave up chocolate/junk/sugary sweets this week too! i'm doing it for the next two weeks until we go to hawaii. want to read a post that'll give you some motivation? check this out:

  4. Ugh I totally understand! I gave up caffeine a couple of weeks ago and it is not treating me so well. Good luck!

  5. Ok here's my two bits... I'm a sugar lover, so I can never fully give it up. I eat healthy in every other way, though, so I stopped being so hard on myself years ago. If I'm trying to eat less sugar, however, I've found that allowing myself a square or piece of dark chocolate every night gives me something to look forward to and helps me ease off of the over-eating of ice cream and cookies. Plus, dark chocolate has its own heart healthy benefits and you don't feel like your depriving yourself.