steppin' out sunday {trashy tv edition}

sweater dress:  forever21
jeans:  LOFT
boots:  st. john's bay for jc penney
scarf:  knit by me
necklace:  forever21

so first off, yes, i cheated.  i realize this is supposed to be steppin' out saturday, but there was no steppin' out yesterday.  yesterday consisted of lounging in sweats without makeup, stuffing my face at my in-laws house, watching football and napping.  can we all give a big woot for holidays?

as far as new year's resolutions go, i'm not such a big fan.  i hate the idea of only setting big goals for yourself at the beginning of each year.  i feel like this design ultimately sets people up for failure.  i've got some big goals in the works right now that i'll share on another day so they will actually be taken seriously.  in the meantime, today i resolve to continue to watch the following trashy tv shows as long as they remain on air:

the bachelor:  i have had a mental countdown going for this one, folks.  now it's down to one day, and inside, i'm doing cartwheels.  i'll save the real cartwheels for tomorrow.
16 and pregnant:  the ultimate guilty pleasure.  i have no shame in admitting that i found one of the girls' blogs and am now following.
teen mom:  hubs thinks this is the same as 16 and pregnant.  ha!  shows how little he knows.  i can't wait to watch the new set of moms, although i'm not really convinced it can be a show without gary and amber.
real world & the challenge:  i try to stay away, i really do.  but it's like a train wreck, and i'm a rubber-necker.

what shows are you slightly embarrassed to say you watch?  come on, now, you can share.  this is a safe place.

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13 Responses to “steppin' out sunday {trashy tv edition}”

  1. Oh wow. I can't help myself... I love watching the Real Housewives show!!! I'm not even a dramatic person at all, but I feed off their ridiculousness. It's amazing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I too have creeped around your blog :)

    I am a big reality tv fan and watch every show you just listed. I follow the girls blog too from 16 and Pregnant. My heart breaks when I read it.

    I also like Jerseylicious and The Real Housewives of OC, Beverly Hills and New Jersey. Trashy, but like you said it's hard not to look :)

  3. oh my gosh, Lo. Could you PLEASE stop stealing all my favorite tv shows? Seriously, that's my EXACT list of fav. shows. We're so meant to be friends.

  4. You knit the scarf? I love it.

    I totally watch 16 and pregnant and Teen Moms. Can't help myself... Well, I guess I USED to watch them before we got rid of cable to save some money. Lame. :D

  5. Is it bad that I watch every single one of those shows too? :)

  6. Oh, you look SO so chic. Love your use of neutrals! And I love your trashy TV show list. A lot of my friends either watch Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant... I guess I'm kind of like your husband because I don't know which is which. But sometimes they watch those shoes while I am over, and I just can't look away. My favorite trashy TV show is definitely GOSSIP GIRL. So good.

    PS. Thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my blog. It was so nice and meant so much to me!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  7. YOU FOUND THAT BLOG??? I totally looked for it!

  8. first, you are adorable. and you knit that scarf? awesome. second? I'm thinking about getting cable, just so I can watch Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant.

  9. pish posh girls. who needs cable? we don't have it, i just watch all of the shows online.

    and ali -
    merry belated christmas! be prepared for this to take up all your time for a while.

  10. Hey lady! I seriously LOVE LOVE all of these shows and cannot wait for bachelor to start! We went two years without cable and just got it back again...honestly a waste because we are barely home enough to watch it. Love and miss you and look for a gift in the mail it will be sent tomorrow!

  11. i love to watch the housewives scream at each other. and, of course, the hills. lame, but at least they were stylish!

  12. Hehe, you are so cute..Wish I had time for guilty pleasure tv. but alas, I spend it mostly blogging...and hopping onto others' blogs from time to time...or pretty much everyday.

  13. Oh! I am all about reality TV. My favs are the teen mom and 16 and preg and also The Real World. I don't know if those will ever get old... and I'm 27! My husband thinks I'm crazy.

    Also, I totally miss Rock of Love!