10/30: double duty and a happy pooch

sweater: Kohl's; jeans: LOFT; boots: JC Penney; hat: Loehmann's; scarf: target; necklace: Forever21; socks: Target

do you like how i'm immediately posting this after that last dreadful outfit in the hopes that you all will just pass over that one and forget it happened?  except now i'm mentioning it, which just draws attention to it.  crap.  can we just strike this from the record?

today was a busy day around these parts.  it consisted of vacuum and valentine's day gift shopping to start things off.  you know what's sad?  when you become so acclimated to frigid temperatures that you sweat when you're out and about when it reaches 37 degrees.  c'est la midwest vie.

so after picking up our new Shark, assembling it, sweeping our living room (during which i had to empty the canister five times from all the hair it picked up that our last hunk of junk didn't (gross)), and wrapping the hub's gift, i decided this warmer weather called for a run.  i announced this intention to Lily, and this was her reaction:

oh, yes, this little lady knows the word "run".  in fact, it's one of her favorite words in the whole world, along with peanut butter, cookie and snuggle.  she was ecstatic.  so i bundled up in the clothes that i love most and hit the pavement:

riddle me this:  what would you get if you crossed a Lily and a Titan?  (hint: see the background for the answer)
the two of us had such a wonderful run, with the sun shining down on us and the cold air in our lungs.  i love that after not running for about three months, that three miles was a breeze.  now if only i could undo the mental damage that training for a marathon did, all would be good.  i still have such a problem feeling like three miles isn't enough after running 12, 15 and 18 miles at a time.  oy vey.

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4 Responses to “10/30: double duty and a happy pooch”

  1. You would LOVE running in Holland. :)

  2. Lily is such a cute puppy! :) Love your cute, cute outfit!! It's the perfect winter outfit!

    And I've been meaning to write you to let you know that we are YL soulmates in regards to T Swift - I too count as a sacrifice for the Lord that I get up each week and sing her songs with a smile on my face for club :) :) You have no idea how much that made me laugh :)!

  3. ahh, i need to get back in shape like you are.

    & i love stocking hats and scarves, so i'm totally digging your outfit.

  4. I admire how easy it is to run three miles. I am not a runner but am training for my first 10K this summer. Ran my first 5K in Nov...was very proud of myself. Go you!!!