30 for 30 picks

alright, i'm officially ready.  it's a good thing, too, considering it's now after midnight, which means 30 for 30 has officially started.  i have 29 picks right now, with the intent of buying one more thing.  i know, i know...that's against the rules.  but today was a bit crazy and i didn't get to forever21 like i wanted.  i figure it's allowed because i already know what i want (a long-sleeved mustard tee).

ready to see my picks?

five pairs of pants:
Gap, Maurices, LOFT (x3)

 two skirts:
thrifted, & forever21

seven shirts:
Ralph Lauren, H&M, Eddie Bauer, H&M, thrifted, J.Crew, LOFT

 three cardigans:
Forever21, Target, Old Navy

 four sweaters:
Wet Seal, Gap, Kohl's, Banana Republic

 two blazers:
Eddie Bauer & thrifted

 three pairs of boots:
Alloy, JC Penney (x2)

 three pairs of shoes:
Bandolino, thrifted, Target

i've also decided to go a step further with this challenge by throwing in a "10 under 10"...ten items out of my thirty are each under $10.

they consist of the following:

  1. gray skinny pants (shown in the middle above)
  2. pink skirt (only $1)
  3. olive H&M shirt (second in picture)
  4. white H&M tunic (fourth in picture)
  5. striped navy shirt (fifth in picture - only $1)
  6. striped J.Crew shirt (sixth in picture)
  7. Old Navy blue cardigan
  8. cinnamon-colored turtleneck
  9. black blazer
  10. mary janes
wish me luck!

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12 Responses to “30 for 30 picks”

  1. Looks great, Lo! The blazers will be perfect for this months EBEW!
    I think the missing shirt will be fine - you could have just fibbed and told us it was in the wash! I only have 29 items right now, too.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Great choices! A lot of your picks look really soft and comfy, I must say. And I was struck too, while looking through my 30 items, at how many of them were purchased secondhand or on serious discount. Give yourself a little pat on the back for all that money "saved." =) Best of luck for the next month.

  3. Rock on, Super Lo. Love your choices and your thriftiness. :)

  4. Love your selections! Wow so many items under $10! And they are still gorgeous! x

  5. i love your skirts! great selection of items. enjoy the remix

  6. Awesome picks! I can't wait to see what you come up with! And way to go with the 10 under 10. That's such a good idea, I'm impressed. Love the pink skirt and the thrifted blazer, score! I love good finds like that!

  7. Great pics Lo! And like Linda mentioned your blazers will come in handy for the next EBEW.

  8. Fawk, mustard is my FAVORITE color, it goes with everything. That's the color of my purse. You totally scored.

  9. Love your picks. I just posted mine too ! Can't wait to see how you style them !

  10. I love your color selections. I'm remixing too and look forward to seeing your 30 outfits! I have a link up every Wednesday for everyone who wears jewelry with an outfit, hope to see you there!

  11. Can't wait to see all of the different combos you come up with! Great selections, that couldn't have been easy.

  12. Lovely pieces! Can't wait to see your outfits.