4/30: praise Him in the dance on mountains of snow

scarf: H&M; earrings: honeymoon resort gift shop; flower hair clip: me

can we just focus for a moment on the fact that it is still snowing here?  the levels weren't really out of control until today.  but now?  now we have mountains.  mountains.  in that last picture, i feel the need to point out that i am indeed standing.  to make up for this gloomy, white day, i decided to bring a little sunshine to Fort Wayne with my official 30th pick.  i picked this up at my favorite second hand store, Clothes Mentor, for $4; brand name is Elle.

i was completely oblivious to the snow for the better part of the day.  i went to breakfast with one of the Young Life girls this morning, and then we headed to the high school to watch some more Young Life girls in their dance invitational.

ummm...hmmm...words.  yes, um, WOW.  those girls are so incredibly talented.  i think i felt a small fraction of what parental pride must feel like.  i showed up with my SLR in tow and ended up taking, literally, hundreds of pictures.  it was senior day, so things got a bit emotional for me.  i've really only gotten to know these girls well this year, but they have such a large piece of my heart.  i was so incredibly proud to not only watch them perform amazingly, but also to hear their bios read that only confirmed what incredible young women they are.  their hearts are as beautiful as their movement and i've been blessed to experience both.  i will be so sad to see them go, but am so excited to see them continue to grow and see how they impact this world of ours.  and you can bet they will...

Psalm 149:3  Let us praise Him with the dance

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12 Responses to “4/30: praise Him in the dance on mountains of snow”

  1. I LOVE this scarf - it is so, so beautiful!! I love how it pops off the mustardy yellow of your sweater.

    And I know what you mean about feeling a small bit of parental pride - it's amazing how much my heart has expanded in loving high school girls - they each have a piece of my heart somehow.

    Loved the video of your girls dancing - they are amazing and so beautiful!

  2. The scarf is gorgeous! And oh my that is a LOT of snow!

  3. that scarf is stunning! as is the one in the last post :)

  4. You have so much snow! I am so jealous! And you look super cute out there frolicking in it.

  5. I cannot even comprehend that much snow right now. Or the fact that you still look adorable frolicking in it like its nothing!

    Love the outfit, especially that scarf! Don't you want to come pick out all of my clothes for me?

  6. i love the yellow and aqua combo! and i can't believe it's still snowing there either! that's crazy! hope things get less snowy for you!

  7. This outfit is so great!! I love the colors, the combination of blue and yellow are so pretty. And I can't believe you are knee deep in snow. And taking photos in it. Props.

  8. Firstly, amen sista'! This is why I love to dance. haha I think God will join my dance parties in heaven. And your little young life girls are precious! I can't wait to join young life when my life calms down and I have time. I love that org.

    Secondly, this is one of my favorite outfits on you! Those colors are amazing, and that scarf is SO pretty. You look gorgeous girl! xo

  9. Hi LO! You've got two awards from me! I love your blog that's why you deserved to have those. Congratulations! check them out for rules! Beverly


  10. Great outfit. Love the scarf.
    We've got a lot of snow here too


  11. the great yellow cardi brightens up the gloomy winter. That scarf is beautiful and I love your style!