snow day, projects and 50

that's right, snow day.  in fact, this is a momentous occasion that deserves capital letters *gasp* and an exclamation point.


this morning, Eric's alarm clock woke us up with the most beautiful words i could have expected to hear:  level one snow emergency.  a text from my boss confirmed that the day was mine.  naturally, my heart was happy enough to fall back into a coma for another two hours before waking up to the best kind of breakfast there is:  a husband-made one.  i love that man.

now, because we couldn't go anywhere for the day, there will be no 30 for 30 post.  instead, let me introduce you to a little project that i've been working on.  it was so wonderful to have the day to finally complete it.

remember my post about the silhouettes i made of our two puppies?  if not, it's okay.  i realize this little blog has seen quite a few new followers since then...which, by the way, is awesome.  just click on that link right back there and you can catch up.  in it, i talked about plans that i had for the project as a whole.  since then (really just today), that plan has evolved into something so much better than i had hoped for.  check it out:

boy, it sure would be nice if i had some before pictures to reference.  i took some, but it was only after i had taken down the existing decor and started switching frames around that i realized the SD card that was in my camera at the time wasn't saving the photos i had been taking all day (so much for my cute picture of lily snoozing with crimpy hair from her bath today).  i'll just explain.  the three leaf pictures were in the bronze frames, which were spaced evenly along the length of our couch.  it looked okay, but i've been wanting to liven and lighten things up.  so in with the white frames & shelf (spray painted) and the silhouettes.  i wanted the silhouettes to be the focus, so i switched out the frames.  we also decided to put them in the middle of the wall, rather than over the couch, to spread things out a bit.

the final piece of the silhouette puzzle, made from a wedding day photo (which i love b/c i look super skinny!)

how it fits into the grand scheme of the room.
i'm hoping to add to this wall, which is another reason we centered everything with the wall, not the couch. i also want to do a new centerpiece for the coffee table, make a couple more pillows for the couch, get lighter curtains, and possibly paint that clock white, now that i'm seeing it in this picture (what do we think?)

in other news, i now have fifty followers!  i promise to get back to what most of you came for (clothes...and my beautiful face?) tomorrow.  in the meantime, wish me luck tomorrow as i attempt to trek through this:

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8 Responses to “snow day, projects and 50”

  1. Too cute! I'm copying your idea and will be doing ours tomorrow! PS I miss yoU!

  2. These are awesome! And you're living room is too cute. Defintiely bookmarking this idea for when I find a cute picture!

  3. Love the silhouettes! Esp the wedding one. I really want to try this with photoshop soon. I also finished my damily-inspired subway art. You'll have to stop by to check it out. I'm hoping to post the picture later today.

  4. I LOVE all the bold color in your place! Too cute!

  5. I love getting a peak into other people's houses. Thanks for sharing your design work with us! It looks great. Love the silhouettes.
    The Auspicious Life

  6. @ steph - can't wait to see it, lady :)

    @ hespy - i'll stop by later today to check it out. i'm so intrigued!

    @ kristine - thanks! if anyone were to like our bold colors, it would be you. now we just need some pattern mixing to really seal your approval, right? haha.

    @ linda - thanks so much!

  7. Those silhouettes are just lovely, you did a great job!