a king-size project

if you follow me on pinterest, you may have seen me pin about 239478 22 fabrics a few weeks back.  it all stemmed from this random pin popping up; one look and zomg, i have to have this quilt for our bed.  and thus began what has become one of the largest (and second pinterest-inspired) crafting projects i've ever taken on.

(what was the first pinterest-inspired project you may ask?  it was this firefly cross stitch, which was a gift to my husband for our anniversary.  for more information on why in the world my husband would want a firefly cross stitch, please see this post). 

after a thorough search of fabric.com and a trip to three different quilt shops that took me to amish country and back, i finally found what i was looking for.  i got home and couldn't wait to dig in, so i spent the next few days in a giddy fervor, happily cutting away and diligently humming to the sweet melodic sound of the sewing machine.

after almost three weeks with this thing, i am now at least a few chunks of hair shorter than i was before and would be happy to never lay eyes on another seam ripper as long as i live.  while this assessment may be a little on the dramatic side, the proof, as they say, is in the puddin' - i completed seven rows of the quilt in my first week, and since then, have only managed to put together two more.  i don't want this project to become something that i look at with disdain at any point; i want it to be a fun, happy quilt in every sense.  so i'm slowing down my pace a little bit - but not too much! - it's looking like we may finally have a home, and i want this baby ready by move-in.

without further ado, my king-size (literally and figuratively) quilt progress:

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5 Responses to “a king-size project”

  1. It's BEAUTIFUL. I'm proud of you. And I'm sure your Grandmother would be too!!!!!

  2. Wow! Love the fabric you chose and the current result is really great :) x

  3. You know what´s great about this quilt? It´s like ¨Michigan Wolverines¨ is written all over it. ;)
    (Maybe you´ll need to do another one for the guest room in reds and tans and grays....)

  4. This is seriously so cool. I'm beyond impressed. Love the chevron print!

  5. It's really hard to find one you like, love that you made it!